WWE talent Austin Theory, Grayson Waller torched by Joey Swoll over gym sin

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Gym crusader Joey Swoll is in an outright war of words with Aussie WWE star Grayson Waller over a divisive work-out act.

The hostile messages exchanged by the pair have stirred up their legions of fans with Waller facing a social media backlash.

The storm erupted after Waller and his WWE tag team partner Austin Theory shared a work-out video on Sunday where they confronted a fellow gym-goer for walking in front of their camera.

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“You don’t see the camera there idiot,” Waller was heard saying as the trio exchanged verbal barbs.

Fitness influencer destroys 'little man' WWE wrestlers

The incident got the attention of gym influencer Swoll, who torched the WWE stars in a video shared to his 7.5 million TikTok followers.

The American bodybuilder, who has amassed a massive social media following for calling out so-called bad gym etiquette, let rip at the ‘A-Town Down Under’ duo.

“Wow. Grayson Waller and Austin Theory, you think just because you’re a couple of WWE superstars that you get to treat people this way,” Swoll said.

“Just because you’re filming, everybody else has to stop what they’re doing just for you?

“I’m sorry, you don’t own the gym and I don’t really care who you are.”

Swoll said he reached out to Theory before the American wrestler shared a photo mocking Swoll.

“Lookin’ like the guy that’ll smack the s**t out of @joeyswoll,” Theory captioned a photo of himself in the gym.

This didn’t go own well with Swoll.

“Listen here little man you don’t want this smoke,” he said.

“Not from me and not from my Swoll army. If you ask me you should be a little more concerned about training those little legs than talking smack.

“But if you want to keep running your mouth, I’m happy to end your career – not just on social media but in your ring. WWE, make it happen.

“You need to do better, mind your own business.”

After coming under fire from Swoll’s fans, Waller responded with a video of his own.

“For a bunch of people who worship you (Joey Swoll) as a gym guy, your fans are a bunch of fat, ugly losers,” he said.

“Maybe your fans should have spent more time reading than pretending to go to the gym.”

Swoll went back at the Australian: “Someone tell this Temu Ken doll looking like the lead from a knockoff Starship Troopers movie that went straight to DVD I’ll meet him at Wrestlemania, SmackDown, Raw, or ANYWHERE.”

Swoll has repeatedly made headlines for his gym commentary and one video he shared last month resulted in a fitness influencer having her gym membership cancelled.

Swoll criticised a woman for complaining about a fellow gym-goer working out without a shirt on. His went the extra mile and contacted the woman’s gym directly and the meeting ended with the owner making a decision to revoke the woman’s membership.

Theory and Waller, meanwhile, will feature on the opening night of WrestleMania XL on Saturday.