Wiggles slam City of Bunbury after council plays ‘Hot Potato’ to deter homeless

The Wiggles have hit out at the City of Bunbury after learning the council was using their hit “Hot Potato” to deter homeless people from congregating.

The song was being played on a loop around the Graham Bricknell Music Shell, a stage in one of the town’s parks, that plays host to bands and events.

The stage was being used by homeless people who were pitching their tents and using the shell as a shelter.

After learning of the council’s alarming use of their song, The Wiggles contacted The City of Bunbury and banned them from using the song.

In a statement given to the West Australian the iconic children’s band said: “The Wiggles’ music is created to bring joy and happiness to children and families around the world, and we are deeply disappointed to hear that it is being used in any other way.”

The council had been using the Wiggles’ song for around six months.

Mayor of Bunbury Jaysen Miguel said: “The City of Bunbury has been running music on and off there for the past six months, as happens across Australia and across the world where you can have music in certain areas to deter anti-social behaviours.

“But… there has been a known problem where people are getting in and turning the music up to full bore.”

Homeless cafe provider Intown Cetnre said the council needed a better response to the homelessness crisis.

Chair David Bailey said: “In the last couple of days, I have been walking around and I have heard it, but I did not think it was the council.

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“I thought it was someone with a CD player,” he said.

“It did strike me as odd. It is harsh . . . (and) there needs to be a better response.”