‘We hate Australia’: British travellers trolled on brutal video

Two British travellers who slammed the country after struggling to find where to go in Melbourne have been trolled online.

Will, who goes by the handle ‘willsaffiliate’ on TikTok, branded Australia ‘overrated’ in a clip that has been viewed more than 100,000 times.

“Don’t believe what they tell you about Australia, everyone glamorises it saying it’s amazing,” he began the post.

His friend, an even more harsh critic, quickly interjected: “It’s s***. We hate Australia. We hate Melbourne.”

Will then clarified they didn’t “hate” the place but found it “mid” and admitted they didn’t know where to go.

The friends filmed themselves walking along Southbank and pleaded with viewers to give them advice.

“We’re not having a good time at the moment and it’s kind of our fault but kind of Australia’s fault. The opportunities need to present themselves,” he argued.

Will is taking a “gap year” to travel and spent seven months in New Zealand. He plans to be in Australia for three months before heading home to the UK.

Aussies were quick to suggest tongue-in-cheek locations to visit.

“Go to Alice Springs and walk around at night it’s beautiful,” read one comment with more than 1500 likes.

The Northern Territory government recently imposed a youth curfew there for 14 days from 6pm to 6am due to crime and anti-social behaviour.

Others suggested Melbourne suburbs that are not known for their popularity among tourists.

“Melton and Sunshine have it all,” one said.

“Go to Frankston, everyone’s lovely there,” said another.

A third added, “You’ll have a blast in Dandenong,” while a fourth wrote, “Broadmeadows has a cool vibe.”

The pair were also criticised for not doing their research before they visited.

“Australia is not going to coddle you lads,” one person wrote.

More seriously, Australian TikTok users suggested checking out Melbourne’s night-life along Chapel Street in South Yarra or St Kilda, and hiring a car for a road trip to tourist hot spots like Phillip Island, the Mornington Peninsula and Great Ocean Road.

Some Aussies agreed Melbourne was not the best place to visit, and said the travellers needed to head up north to more tropical beaches, sparking another debate.

“Your in the wrong places should of went NSW or QLD there’s more to do in them states,” one person wrote.

“Melbourne is the only state worth being unless your a beach head boring haha there’s everything here,” said another, while a third added: “There’s way more to do in other states.”

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