Viral TikTok of man opening a Milo tin with can opener shocks Aussie viewers

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An American man’s unusual way of opening a Milo tin has left Australians “speechless”.

Known as Gay Man with a Spray Tan online, Cole Paulsen first sparked controversy when he posted a video of him trying a “TimTam slam” with a glass of Milo.

While the TikTok star was focused on taste testing the iconic Aussie treat, Australian viewers were stunned when he opened the Milo tin with a can opener.

Bewildered viewers were quick to share their horror at the innocent mishap.

“The way my jaw dropped when you opened the Milo,” one TikTok user commented.

“The minute I saw the can opener, I paused and dropped my phone going nope, nope, nope, nope,” another said.

One woman said her “soul left (her body)” when she heard him say “can opener”.

“I knew where this was going,” she commented.

Paulsen was quick to respond to his fans, asking Australians to help him understand how the tin could possibly be resealed if the lid had been removed.

“I just don’t understand how this lid would be reusable, there’s no way,” he said in a second video.

“Can an Australian please stitch this to show me how you open a can of Milo without a can opener? Crikey!”

Reaching 4.8 million views, the second video continued to shock Paulsen’s fans.

“As an Australian, this physically hurt my soul,” one lady said.

“What have you done? You’ve just made an entire country speechless,” another commented.

“Never in my life did I think there would come a day opening a tin of Milo will become rocket science,” a woman said.

One commenter said his antics “destroyed (her) last nerve”.

But others were quick to help Paulsen understand how the tin should be opened, providing him with a detailed guide for each step of the way.

“Get a tea spoon, leverage it under the edge of the lid, and pop it open. then cut through the foil seal, peel that off, use the Milo, and replace the lid,” a viewer said.