Tradie dad Dan Gaut ex-girlfriend decides to keep their baby in the United States

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A Sydney tradie has been dealt a devastating blow in the bid for custody of his newborn daughter.

Carpenter Dan Gaut, from Sydney’s North, caught the attention of Australians across the country when he shared his heartbreaking story with A Current Affair in February.

The tradie was looking forward to the impending birth of his daughter until his girlfriend, Liv, suddenly returned home to the United States without him.

She then rekindled a relationship with a former partner and announced she would put their baby up for adoption, but Mr Gaut struck a deal.

If he flew to the US to be with her during or shortly after the birth in March, his ex would legally hand their daughter Ana over to him permanently.

Now the tradie has revealed his ex has changed her mind and decided to keep baby Ana instead.

“I feel heartbroken and empty as I’m forced to leave America alone,” Mr Gaut posted to Instagram.

“Liv has changed her mind and wants to keep Ana in the States and be her primary caregiver.

“I’d like to express my deepest gratitude to everyone who supported me on this journey.

“I will use the remaining donations to seek legal representation in Austin and to visit Ana as often as I can,” he continued.

“I still hold strong the vision of Ana growing up in Australia in the not too distant future.”

The Sydney tradie was united with his baby daughter after making the frantic dash to the US to prevent her adoption.

Mr Gaut reportedly jumped on a 15-hour flight to Texas one month ago after learning his ex had gone into labour before her March due date.

At the time, the Sydney local told A Current Affair he “didn’t sleep a wink (on the flight)”.

“She’s just the cutest little thing, she’s so good, she’s just adorable and just picture perfect,” he said after meeting his daughter for the first time.

“Whatever apprehension or possibly awkwardness I might’ve been thinking about in that moment just dissolved. The love for her took over and it was like such a magical loving moment that I just, just couldn’t wait to hold her.

“She’s just a little angel … I couldn’t ask for anything more.”

At the time, Mr Gaut said he was taking things “one day at a time” as he learnt the ropes of becoming a new father.

Now the heartbreaking decision means Mr Gaut will return to Australia without his daughter despite earlier arrangements.

“We don’t know how it’s going to go but she’s very supportive of me bringing the baby over (to Australia),” he previously told A Current Affair.

“I can’t tie myself in knots thinking about all the stages along the way, so it’s just one day at a time.

“I have to get a US passport which could take, even I fast track it, up to five weeks.

“Once I have the passport in my hands (the next step is) getting one of the ETA (electronic travel authority) apps for the Australian visa for her and then at the same time we’re filing for her Australian citizenship.”

His ex-girlfriend originally offered to make the trip back to Australia to help the new father fly home with baby Ana – short for Anuta.

Mr Gaut had met his ex while holidaying in San Francisco in early 2023 before she followed him back to Australia.

The pair “were deeply in love and agreed to have a baby together”.

However, the tradie said he was left “heartbroken” when his ex returned to the US for a “visit” seeking her “support network” and told him she was considering handing the baby to US adoption agents.

“She was starting to send me adoption options for people that she knew in Texas, and she was sending me the links to the Instagram page,” he previously told A Current Affair.

“And I was like, ‘No, this is, stop, don’t promise her to anyone.”

A GoFundMe crowd-funding campaign was set up by Mr Gaut’s friends to help with travel and immigration costs.

“I don’t know how I will do this, but I do know that I will do everything I can to bring my daughter home and shower her with love and acceptance,” Mr Gaut said on the GoFundMe.

“Every child should know they are loved and wanted. I just want to be the best Dad that I can possibly be.

“I want to be there every step of the way for my little Ana.”

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