‘They’ve been vile’: Bruce Lehrmann leaves home in chaos

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There are frantic scenes at the North Sydney house where Bruce Lehrmann has been staying the past week, where he has been met with a media scrum as he moves out.

A grey ute was parked in the driveway of the party house on Friday, packing up Mr Lehrmann’s belongings.

The items included bundles of folders, Xbox and multiple video games.

The man packing the ute, Mr Lehrmann’s friend Rob Porter, told news.com.au he was “a removalist”.

Neighbours were relieved to hear the wild parties were coming to an end.

“They’ve been vile, I am happy he’s going,” one neighbour said about the behaviour.

“If all the parties stop, then hallelujah.”

Another neighbour said she was “glad that he’s gone”.

It comes after news.com.au revealed Mr Lehrmann is on the move again after leaving the luxury digs under the cover of darkness following complaints from a shell-shocked flatmate that that media and neighbourhood furore had “ruined his life”.

Mr Lehrmann’s flatmate Paul Farrell has told news.com.au that Mr Lehrmann, who is awaiting the outcome of his multi-million dollar defamation case, has left the building.

“Yes, I can confirm he is no longer here. He was only staying a few days,’’ Mr Farrell told news.com.au.

Asked where Mr Lehrmann was going, he said he was “not sure tbh”.

“He has somewhere else organised but not sure where,” Mr Farrell said.

Mr Lehrmann was spotted moving into the North Sydney property over Easter, accompanied by his friend, Mr Porter.

‘Ruined’: Lehrmann’s flatmate lashes out

Mr Farrell, who let Mr Lehrmann stay in a spare room, has told reporters it’s “basically ruined his life” after he arrived home to find his neighbours revolting over karaoke nights, a contingent of photographers and barefoot women clutching bottles of whiskey.

The 48-year-old said he was “ropeable” on Thursday night when he attended the property to find a media contingent in situ.

Mr Lehrmann, who moved out of his $2000-a-week property paid for by Channel 7 over Easter, is currently unemployed and studying law.

His arrival at the “blue chip” address has seriously disturbed the ambience of the street, with neighbours upset about parties and a phalanx of photographers.

It follows claims aired in the Federal Court that Mr Lehrmann partied with prostitutes and bought cocaine in the company of a Seven producer Taylor Auerbach.

Seven says it is “appalled” by the allegations which do not reflect the broadcaster’s culture.

A shell-shocked Mr Farrell, 48, an old friend who rented the property and offered Mr Lehrmann a room, told reporters outside the $4.1 million property that the act of kindness had “basically ruined” his life.

Mr Farrell was photographed on Thursday clutching several vapes and accompanying a young woman with a face tattoo.

“I’m renting this place and had a spare room so thought I was helping out a mate,’’ he told the Daily Mail.

“But it’s basically ruined my life with all the photographers and journalists hanging around.”

He conceded several of the arrivals on that day were his friends, not Mr Lehrmann’s crew.

Mr Farrell told The Sydney Morning Herald he was “ropeable” after coming home from work to find a party had occurred.

“I came back and had to sort it out,” Mr Farrell said.

“I’m quite upset, I felt I was able to help. But I came back to this. I’m ropeable.”

One neighbour told the newspaper that the visitors belted out karaoke at odd hours including a rendition of Whitney Houston’s I Will Always Love You.

The home which was marketed in 2021 as “blue chip” last sold for $4.1 million and boasts a wine cellar, terrazzo-finish concrete floors and a chic skylight over the lounge, kitchen and deck.

It is “within strolling distance of buzzing bar and cafe precincts, bus stops and train stations.”

Queensland magistrate Mark Howden has set a date for June 17 for a committal hearing to decide whether or not Mr Lehrmann will face trial on rape charges.

Mr Lehrmann, 28, is accused of raping a woman twice at Toowoomba, west of Brisbane, in October 2021 and has denied the allegations.

At the time, he was awaiting trial over the Brittany Higgins complaint. He was never convicted, all charges were dropped and he maintains his innocence.

On Monday, Mr Lehrmann will learn the fate of his multimillion-dollar defamation case, after he sued Channel 10 and Lisa Wilkinson over an interview with Brittany Higgins where she alleged she was raped in 2019 at Parliament House.

Mr Lehrmann was not named by The Project but argues he was quickly identified among politicians, staffers and journalists at Parliament House.

Mr Lehrmann was spotted on Tuesday dashing to an Uber in a burgundy blazer, accompanied by two young women, outside the property.

One of the young women was holding a can of alcohol.

On Wednesday, another group of women arrived, including a blonde woman who was previously photographed barefoot and vaping on the balcony of Mr Lehrmann’s old place in Balgowlah that was paid for by Seven.

The woman was wearing a thigh-high split dress and black stiletto heels and clutching a bottle of Hendrick’s gin and a half-drunk bottle of whisky.

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