The Project star Sarah Harris breaks down in tears over Israel-Hamas conflict

Sarah Harris has broken down in tears during tonight’s episode of The Project during a discussion on the Israel-Hamas conflict.

The 42-year-old journalist was visibly moved during a news segment that detailed the horrific state of Gaza’s main hospital, where three babies have died due to the catastrophic conditions there.

A “dire and perilous” situation is unfolding in Gaza’s main hospital, with premature babies fighting for life as incubators are turned off.

“I don’t think we can turn away. It’s hard when you’ve got little kids as well, to see these beautiful kids and what they’re going through,” an emotional Harris said.

“And of course there needs to be a ceasefire, but what happens after that?

“What do you do with Hamas after that? These aren’t good guys, you don’t go into villages and massacre families in their beds.

“So where do you go from there? This just can’t keep happening because, yeah, it just … can’t.”

Co-host Waleed Aly highlighted the need for people to consider the toll the war was taking on “the living”.

“We talk a lot about the death toll here, but I think it is worth recognising that it is more than just the death toll. It is the toll on the living,” he said.

“Some of the stories of those people having surgery without anaesthetic, kids but also adults.

“And some of the stories of women giving birth through Caesarian without anaesthetic, what about infection?

“Clearly you’ve seen the world edge towards this where they say, there has to be a different way.”

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Gaza City’s primary medical facility, Al-Shifa hospital, is experiencing a catastrophic near-complete power outage, as well as devastating shortages of food and water, medics working at the facility say.

World Health Organisation chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said “constant gunfire and bombings” in the area around the hospital have “exacerbated the already critical circumstances”, adding that the site “is not functioning as a hospital anymore”.

Premature babies that were previously in incubators have since been moved to beds in a surgical ward, after a lack of electricity forced the neonatal unit to shut down.

The Israeli military have reiterated that they were “ready to help” evacuate the dozens of vulnerable newborn babies being cared for at the site to another hospital.

Israel’s government claim that the terror group Hamas, who perpetuated the kidnappings and murders on October 7, run their headquarters out of an intricate network under the hospital.

Hospital chiefs deny this claim.

The hospital’s head of surgery, Dr Marwan Abu Saada, revealed that a third premature newborn baby has now died because of a lack of power, according to the BBC.

According to the broadcaster, dozens of other newborns are currently not receiving the care they need, with Dr Abu Saada saying he was “afraid we are going to lose the lives of all [the] babies”.

Earlier this month, Waleed made a chilling prediction that the conflict between Israel and Gaza could go on for “years” and leave the whole region “on fire”.

Sharing his thoughts on the latest reports coming out of the region, the host said that he fears the conflict could continue until “the whole region” was at war.

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“It is the scariest and the most chilling thing for me,” said the host. “I don’t see a way that it doesn’t get worse because as unimaginable as this might be because even the idea of a ceasefire, as far as Israel is concerned, that’s not an option because they will just say, ‘well, that just means Hamas will regroup’.”

He warned that Israel’s refusal to stop its barrage of attacks could spell disaster for the entire region and all those living within it.

Waleed continued: “If that’s their attitude then a ceasefire is like telling them that they can’t defend themselves and they will never accept that because that’s their interpretation of those events and now you’re starting to see.”

“I mean. This will go on for months. It could go for a year and the whole region ends up on fire.”