The Mac Family returns to Macca’s Australia

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A fan-favourite Macca’s range is coming back to Australian restaurants — but it will only be available for a limited time.

The Mac Family — which features the Big Mac we all know in love, the Mac Jr, the Grand Big Mac and onion rings with Big Mac sauce — will be in Macca’s around the country from April 3.

It’s not the first time the range has been available, with the burgers last making appearance in 2021 for the fast food restaurant’s 50th anniversary.

The classic Big Mac features two 100 per cent Australian beef patties, iceberg lettuce, cheese, onions, pickles, Big Mac sauce and toasted sesame seed buns.

The Mac Jr is a single-patty variation on this while the Grand Mac features bigger patties and bigger buns.

“The Big Mac is a true global icon and one of our most popular menu items, delivering feel good moments for our loyal customers for more than 50 years in Australia,” Samantha McLeod, marketing director for McDonald’s Australia, said.

“Featuring layers of tasty goodness, a unique balance of savoury, meaty and tangy flavours plus the iconic Special Sauce, the Big Mac is instantly recognisable, forever memorable, often imitated, but never quite replicated.

“To celebrate the universally loved burger, we’re giving Big Mac loyalists and future Big Mac lovers the gift of choice with our new Mac Family range, offering even more ways to enjoy its iconic taste – with more to come.”

The Big Mac has been on the Macca’s menu without a break since its launch in 1968

Over the next 55 years, McDonald’s Australia sold 1.2 billion of the burgers – that’s almost three million Big Macs every month

The Mac Family and Onion Rings served with Big Mac Special Sauce are available at Macca’s restaurants nationwide as well as via the MyMacca’s App from April 3 for a limited time.