The Block stars Eliza and Liberty declare they have ‘no chance of winning’

The Block fan favourites Eliza and Liberty have declared they have “no chance of winning” the renovation show after finding out their reserve price on Thursday.

The sister duo, who have one the biggest houses on this year’s season of the Channel 9 reality series, spoke to KIIS 101.1’s Jase & Lauren Friday morning after learning what the network set as their reserve price ahead of Saturday’s important auctions, which will air Sunday night.

“There’s just no chance in hell we’re winning, because it’s [their reserve] unrealistically high,” Eliza said.

“In comparison to the other [contestants] … They should all be really happy.”

Viewers won’t discover the official reserve prices until the show’s finale airs Sunday, when the 2023 winner of The Block will be crowned.

Early price indications weren’t boding well for any of the teams, with reporting in August that the guides were well below what Nine paid for the five blocks in Melbourne’s bayside inner suburbs.

Nine paid a collective $14.3 million for the five unrenovated 1950s brick homes on Charming Street, Hampton East, in June and July last year.

Eliza and Liberty were revealed to have had the highest price guide for their property, which was bought by Nine for $2.75m against a current price guide of $2.7m – $2.85m.

Elsewhere, Eliza and Liberty said Steph and Gian – who broke Block records winning several room reveals for their ‘Japandi’ style house – had hustled hard in the aftermath of filming in terms of luring potential bidders.

However, the girls said the contestants wouldn’t find out how many registered buyers their homes have until at least Friday night.

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“It’s all very last minute, we’ve got buyers still coming in this afternoon,” Eliza said.

Liberty added, “Steph and Gian have about 657 buyers on their house. They’re such hustlers. But yeah, I mean they actually really deserve it because they hustle. We just don’t.”

In terms of relations between the teams, which was frosty in the final weeks of the show, Eliza said everything had been “mature” and “amicable” as the cast reunited this week for filming.

“We wouldn’t be mad [if the others won],” Eliza said. “Can I just say, I’ve turned over a new leaf. I can’t give anything away but there’s been a moment.

“I just decided that I was going to try and let my walls down and be open to the experience. And I’m really going to look at this all now, very positively. And I really, genuinely be happy for everyone get some money.”

Meanwhile, the show’s judges – Shaynna Blaze, Darren Palmer and Marty Fox – each divulged on their winning predictions in an interview with – and they all agreed Steph and Gian’s House 4 would be hard to beat.

“As we know the best doesn’t always win, but I would be shocked if House 4 does not win,” Blaze said.

“The quality, the sense of calm and architectural attention to detail shows Steph and Gian have created the ultimate luxury and it truly makes it one of the best houses on The Block.”

Palmer added, “With dollars per square metre ratio as your metric, you can assume that House 4 will sell for more. That may also mean they have a higher reserve which then may not mean they sell for the highest profit … but we will only find out reserves on auction night.”

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The Block finale airs Sunday at 7pm on Channel 9