The Block confirms huge change for 2024

The brand new location for The Block 2024 has finally been confirmed by the show’s executive producer.

The current series of the smash hit Channel 9 show has been taking place in Melbourne’s Hampton East, with the five brick homes all on the aptly named Charming Street.

However, everything is set to move south for 2024.

Julian Cress told TV Tonight that the series will be relocating to Phillip Island in Victoria when it returns next year.

“The mayor of Phillip Island recently posted we were bringing the show down there. I’m as thrilled as he is,” revealed the producer. “We obviously had our location previously lined up for Daylesford but that blew up. We were very, very lucky to be able to find a magnificent site in Phillip Island. So far from what I’ve seen the feedback from the audience and the fans who’ve heard that we’re going there, they’re all thrilled to bits.”

Cress went on to share his hopes that the new location will “resonate” with viewers at home, many of whom will have fond memories there just like his own.

“I’m kind of glad it’s out there, in a way. It’s such an iconic location. So many Australian families have so many happy memories of going there for holidays. I just feel like it’s going to resonate extremely well with the fans of The Block.”

He continued: “I’m really thrilled to bring the show down there. I mean, how can you go wrong making your 20th season on an island by the sea with penguins? And a Hemsworth, we should definitely get them involved.”

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Meanwhile, the show’s 19th season has proven to be one of its most controversial yet.

The Australian Communications and Media Authority received 28 reports from viewers who have accused contestants on the show of exhibiting “bullying” behaviour.

In response, Cress hit back this week and said he’s “not happy” with contestants being accused of being bullies.

Cress refuted any suggestion that contestants have faced bullying and called out those who used the phrase on social media.

“We needed strong personalities. We needed a bit of psychological warfare. I would say that my expectations for all of that were dramatically exceeded,” he said.

“I see that people throw around words like bullying on social media. They were referring to Leah calling a body corporate meeting and asking Steph why she didn’t get her father inducted. It does not amount to bullying in my opinion. I understand that people choose sides with personalities in the show. But I’m not happy when contestants get accused of bullying when they didn’t.”