The $32 Kmart baby camping chair sending mums into a spin

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When it comes to camping, some of us have it and some of us (me, myself and I) absolutely do not.

The packing stresses me, the ‘what on earth do we do if it rains’ sends me into a spin and, until recently, the ‘where do we tuck a 14-month-old into this 2 x 2 tent’ really threw a spanner into the already chaotic works.

But a little find at my local Kmart before a recent trip to the scenic Barrington Tops region came in as an absolute lifesaver — and as it turns out, I’m not alone.

Selling for just $32 — compared to the exxy $85 dupe that’s increasingly popular online — the retailer’s portable camp chair has gone viral on social media.

With almost 240 reviews online and an almost 5-star rating, this little beige chair is anything but.

“Run, don’t walk,” one wrote alongside the camping essential.

“I love this little chair … my son looks so cute sitting in it!” another added.

“It’s a great chair and is nice and sturdy … Some camp brand chairs were over $100!” a third commented.

“This is cost effective and essential,” another mum added.

The little chair is super simple to operate. Coming all packed together in a handy shoulder bag, it has a detachable table and removable attachment straps, and is ideal for camping, picnics or weekend trips to the beach.

But be warned, it took several visits to my local Kmart in northwest Sydney before I finally got my hands on the chair, with the item often selling out rather quickly — especially in the summer months.

For me, the little chair allowed me to be hands free while my small hurricane was safely restrained and able to be entertained with the ample space provided on the attaching table top.

It’s not the first time a relatively simple item has put the internet into a spin when it comes to a camping getaway.

Happy camper Jurinah was looking for a way to organise dinner for her first night camping when she stumbled across an unlikely $5 organiser tub in the car aisle at Kmart.

“Thank you Kmart $5 organiser for our first night of camping, no stress dinner. I have a tare (sic) and share from bakers delight plus dips and falafels,” she shared.

The happy camper filled the container with cold meats, cheese, veg, and other antipasto-type nibblies, she was so impressed with her handy hack, she shared it online in the Kmart Hacks and Décor Facebook group for other travellers to take note.

“Such a great idea, thank you,” one fan commented.

“Omg I’ve been searching for the ultimate lunch box with dividers and this is everything and more,” another shared.