Tears of Themis announces Artem’s limited-time Birthday event “Agelong Affection” with exciting rewards

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The global interactive entertainment brand HoYoverse revealed today the upcoming launch of Artem’s limited-time birthday event, “Agelong Affection“, in the romance detective title, Tears of Themis. Furthermore, players can anticipate the availability of Artem SSR “Love for the Ages,” alongside the return of past birthday cards for a restricted duration.

Get ready for limited-time tasks and rewards Tears of Themis Agelong Affection event

In the gentle warmth of April’s sunlight, the lovers exchange tender glances, silently expressing their affection. A series of events are planned to celebrate Artem’s birthday this April! Attendees can join in reminiscing about their youth with him, fondly recalling cherished memories.

Throughout the event, participants can engage in the Birthday Puzzle Limited-Time Event and visit the Law Firm to spend AP on tasks within the Themis Job System. Work assignments are split into morning and afternoon cases, with only Artem cards usable for debates. After completing tasks, attendees can enjoy a Love Fortune mini-game with Artem!

By completing Birthday Limited-Time Tasks, participants can earn exclusive rewards such as the Artem R card “Flavor,” the “Artem – Agelong” birthday outfit, the “Childhood Dining Room” birthday background, the “Agelong Affection” event badge, Tears of Themis, and more! On April 26th, logging in will grant access to Artem’s Birthday-Exclusive Message and Voice Call. Additionally, reaching specified purchase milestones will unlock the Lumination Cinema furniture set (consisting of 10 pieces), Tears of Themis, and the “Dream – Lumination” Namecard.

SSR ‘Love for the Ages’ card chance amplified in Romantic Candlelit event

During the event, there will be an increased chance to obtain the Agelong Affection-themed SSR card, “Love for the Ages,” as you immerse yourself in the romantic ambiance of a candlelit evening, professing heartfelt sentiments to your beloved. Additionally, there will be a rerun of the Past Birthday Card event featuring “Days to Re-Live Forever” and the event card “Two Hearts as One,” both available with a rate-up.

Prepare for another limited-time rerun, “The Heart’s Wishes,” where Artem’s Birthday SSR, “Day and Night,” will be obtainable with an increased draw rate starting on 4/18. Alongside this, themed outfits and backgrounds will be permanently purchasable in the store.

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