Showpo CEO Jane Lu ‘seriously mortified’ by shopper’s ‘gaslighting’ claim

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The founder and CEO of Showpo has been left “seriously mortified” over a customer’s claim she was “gaslit” by the online fashion retailer.

In a TikTok video viewed by more than 19.5k people this week, user @briarchatsshh said she bought a ‘skort’, a mix between trousers and a skirt, from the Aussie brand. It resembles a skirt from the front, but often has built-in shorts.

The product she received, however, was not what it said on the tin, leading her to “feel truly insane”.

CEO 'mortified' by woman's 'gaslighting' claim

“So in case any of you were wondering if gaslighting is alive and well in 2024, uh yeah, it is, because I’m currently being gaslit by Showpo over the most unserious thing possibly ever, and I feel truly insane,” Briar said, before holding up the denim clothing item.

“This is the skort that they have sent me, and it looks exactly like the pictures, it’s like this asymmetric thing except it’s not a skort, it’s a skirt.

“And so I emailed them to say, ‘Hey besties, like literally it’s just a skirt, there’s no skort’.

“Like a) it’s mislabelled but b) what the freak? And you wanna know what they told me after I sent them the pictures?”

In response to Briar’s email, Showpo ‘customer happiness officer’ Mai thanked her for her patience, before writing: “We are happy to confirm that this item is indeed a skort. We hope this information is helpful to you.”

Briar captioned the video: “I literally googled the definition of a skort because I felt that insane.”

Much to the young woman’s surprise, her complaint was responded to swiftly – and directly – by Showpo CEO Jane Lu.

“Holy sh*t – Showpo CEO here – seriously mortified,” Ms Lu commented on the video last night.

“Looking into exactly what happened in the morning. But will definitely refund you for the skirt, and will send you the Harleigh denim skort for free too!

“This will be a typo that will haunt me and live rent-free in my head for way too long.”

Responding to Ms Lu’s comment, Briar wrote that she couldn’t “believe you saw this”.

“Literally this typo had me feeling so confused,” she added, before thanking Ms Lu for resolving the issue. has contacted Showpo for additional comment.