Shocking Moment Bear Attacks Hotel Security Guard At Aspen Resort

A ‘nuisance’ male bear sparked a ‘bear hunt’ in the ski resort of Aspen, Colorado, after shoving a catering worker to the ground. The unruly ursine was caught on security camera shoving the unfortunate worker from the St. Regis Hotel on in late October 2023. Colorado Parks and Wildlife officers were able to pick out the bear due to a distinctive white patch on its chest. They finally caught up with the thuggish mammal in the early hours of Wednesday morning (25 October). Using a tranquiliser gun, wildlife officers were able to chemically immobilise the bear. The bear, determined to be a boar, was taken away from the area and humanely euthanised per Colorado Parks and Wildlife (CPW) policy. Bears in Colorado are euthanised for one of three reasons: dangerous bears, depredating bears, and nuisance bears that receive two strikes. CPW takes no action on the vast majority of bears deemed nuisance bears, but must occasionally relocate them.

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