‘She’s mad’: Dakota Johnson goes viral over ‘insufferable’ interview

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Madame Internet star Dakota Johnson has divided social media after showing to develop more and more “mad” throughout a severely awkward interview.

Johnson is famed for her legendary interview moments that embrace her call-out out of Ellen Degeneres and confession to having lied in an Architecual Digest interview about her love of limes, and now she’s delivered one more.

The film star has been accused of wanting “mad” throughout a very awkward interview with a journalist at Huff Submit after she was requested a couple of “second that went viral” from Madame Internet’s trailer.

“What was it?” she requested.

“It was a line that claims: ‘He was within the Amazon with my mother when she was researching spiders proper earlier than she died,’” replied the interviewer.

A clearly confused Johnson mentioned: “Why did that go viral?”

“I feel it went viral as a result of, out of context, what does it imply?” replied the journalist.

“Any individual introduced this up earlier and I do not know what it’s about. Isn’t any sentence out of context … out of context … what a foolish factor,” she replied dryly. “He was within the Amazon researching spiders with my mum earlier than she died. That looks like a fundamental storyline to me? Perhaps I’m simply beneath it.”

Followers rushed to share the clip on social media and cringe at Johnson’s responses, with one saying: “Rattling, she seems to be mad. That is awkward.”

One other mentioned: “She doesn’t appear likeable right here,’ whereas a 3rd mentioned: “The silence is insufferable!”

Nevertheless, others leapt to the film star’s defence, saying: “I’m with Dakota, I don’t get it,” and one other added: “The journalist didn’t clarify it proper. Individuals had been laughing as a result of it’s overly expository.”

A 3rd mentioned in Johnson’s defence: “That is a type of circumstances the place it’s not productive to carry up a viral meme to the actor in query as a result of the joke’s on how dangerous the script is and it places her in an uncomfortable place!”

In the meantime, Johnson not too long ago hit again at criticism over her claims that she wants “14 hours sleep”.

“Why is sleep dangerous?” she requested in response to her 14-hour snoozes going viral. “Like, why? Go away me alone — I’m simply asleep!”