Save the Dwarves, a strategy title gets early access on Android

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Clash Island: Save the Dwarves is a new strategy title brought to you by MegaAdsGames. The game, Clash Island: Save the Dwarves has now received early access for Android and will be available via Google Play.

The game aims to deliver a unique strategy experience where you have to infiltrate different islands to rescue dwarves

The game, Clash Island: Save the Dwarves aims to deliver a strategic masterpiece where you alongside your fellow dwarves have to navigate through different plans and select the best one to free the dwarves held captive on the islands. The game will test your strategic abilities with different sorts of islands with different defenses. It will be your responsibility to identify the patterns of different islands and spot the entry points.

Clash Island: Save the Dwarves early access, Clash Island: Save the Dwarves
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The game has its lore and storyline as well, according to it, the dwarves who lived on the peaceful island were skilled blacksmiths and craftsmen and used to make weapons for the gods. One day the Orcs, who serve the dark lords were advised and ordered to capture the most elite dwarves and use them to make weapons for their masters in the battle of utmost supremacy. Hence the Orcs captured the dwarves and now the remaining dwarves are on the mission to free their fellow dwarves from captivity.

On the battlefield, you have the ultimate control over your dwarves and can control each unit in your infantry. As stated before each map has different entry points and different traps, hence it is your responsibility to identify the unique opportunities and make the most out of them. As you progress in the game the rewards will start getting bigger and your dwarves will start getting stronger making the battle easier for you in the game.

Android games can now start saving dwarves in Clash Island

The game, Clash Island: Save the Dwarves can now be accessed by players who are interested in the game via Google Play. There is no information regarding the iOS release so stay tuned.

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