SAS star Ant Middleton’s shock marriage confession

SAS star Ant Middleton has opened up about his personal life in a revealing new interview.

He’s Known to viewers as the tough DS Chief Inspector, but behind the scenes he’s led a personal life with some heartbreaking ups and downs that helped shape him into the man he is now.

Speaking on The Matt Haycox Show podcast recently, Middleton shared some candid confessions about his life off-screen.

Middleton served four months behind bars in 2013 after he was caught assaulting two police officers outside of a nightclub.

Opening up about the impact the incident had on his marriage, Middleton confessed that he has made some “selfish” choices that have placed a strain on his wife, Emilie.

“My wife has been incredibly supportive. Through my life and career choices, I’ve been very, very selfish,” he admitted.

“I look back on my priorities and they were all wrong. My priorities were the military and my mates.”

“When I went to prison, and when I came out, the military wasn’t there. My mates weren’t there. The only person that was there as the one common denominator through the majority of my life, was my wife now for 19 years, Emilie,” Ant confessed. “She was the constant. She’s the backbone of the family. She holds the fort.”

Middleton went on to talk about his former drinking habits, and confessed that there was on particular moment that sparked his decision to cut back on the booze.

The reality star was at a funeral for one of his close friends when he got so drunk that he had to be reminded of where he was.

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“There was one moment when I was at a funeral burying a friend that had died. I was that drunk I was asking where he was. I didn’t even realise that I was at his funeral,” Ant said.

“That moment was such a reality check that the alcohol had started to take charge here … so that’s when I knew from then on I had to cut back on alcohol,” added the star.

Middleton’s been embroiled in numerous controversies over the years, and was axed from the UK version of SAS back in 2021.

Channel 4 gave Middleton the boot after he branded Black Lives Matters protesters “scum”.

Despite being axed at the time, Middleton appears to claim he had walked away by choice.

Middleton tweeted about Channel 4’s decision this morning, writing: “After five incredible years I’ve decided it’s time to move on from SAS Who Dares Wins UK. Big respect to my fellow DS – it’s been a journey I’ll never forget. Thanks to everyone that took part and made the show what it is. Really excited about the future and what’s coming this year.”