SAS Australia star reveals secret health struggle

SAS Australia star Tim Robards has revealed a secret health battle that could have cost him his place on the show.

The former Bachelor star ended up being crowned the winner of this year’s series, but he’s confessed that it all could have gone very differently.

Robards has opened up about the chronic pain he’s been in that began ahead of him taking part in the series.

It turns out that despite his strong showing on the show, Robards had recently been battling a spinal infection.

“My back is screwed, and just before going on the show, I went through three months of double-strength antibiotic treatment for a suspected spinal infection,” he told The Daily Telegraph.

The hunky reality star went on to share that his health issue became such a struggle that it even impacted his ability to be a father toward his young daughter, Elle.

“I struggle to bend down and pick up Elle’s stuff off the ground,” Robards said. “I struggle to bend down and give her a hug. It is hard work.”

Following his win, Robards’ wife Anna Heinrich congratulated the star on social media.

“PROUD wife moment. I know first-hand just how hard this selection process is. It’s not just about the challenges you see on the show, but also the mental and physical obstacles that are hidden behind the scenes,” Heinrich, who has also starred on SAS, wrote on Instagram.

“Waking up every morning, wondering how you’ll tackle yet another challenge, takes immense strength and determination. The fact that five people wanted to leave within the first two days is a perfect example of just how tough it is.”

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“You’ve always worked hard at everything you do, and being a ‘fit’ guy doesn’t guarantee an easy pass. You’re one tough pretty boy, with a great skincare routine.”

She then jokingly added: “ALWAYS REMEMBER – You may have passed selection, but I still lasted longer than you did!”

Robards’ wife was forced to quit the show after 11 episodes last year, but that’s still more than he himself managed, rounding out his time on the show with 10 episodes.