Sam Mac taking break from Sunrise to focus on raising baby girl

Sunrise weather presenter Sam Mac has announced he’s taking a break from the show to focus on raising his baby girl.

The TV host, who first joined the Channel 7 breakfast program in 2016, welcomed his first child, daughter Margot, with partner Rebecca James in September last year.

Since then, he’s boarded over 100 flights as part of his gig presenting the weather forecast, reporting live from different locations across the country.

But now he’s ready to help out with domestic duties while Rebecca, a stylist, returns to the workforce.

“She’s been thinking about it for the past few months and now that Margot is over a year old she’s ready to properly get back into the workforce,” Mac told 7Life on Monday.

“It’s my turn to be getting Margot up, feed her and basically becoming her personal assistant /servant.

“She’s walking now, which is awesome but it’s a bit daunting because we have to childproof the house … but really exciting times.

“Margot’s changed so much even in the past couple of months. So it’s super-exciting to have some proper quality time with her.”

Fellow Seven presenter Katie Brown will fill in for Mac while he takes paternity leave.

Mac has made some big changes to his lifestyle since welcoming his daughter.

The star unveiled his 8-week body transformation on the cover of Men’s Health in March, saying he’d struggled to find time to stay in shape after becoming a first-time father.

“I think anyone who has entered the world of parenthood will understand that for the first few months you don’t really know who you are, where you are, what day it is. Everything else becomes secondary. Your only priority is your newborn and your partner and that’s all consuming. I was very much lost in that fog, in the best possible way,” he said at the time.

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“Naturally, I hadn’t really done a lot of exercise over that time. You’d be eating whatever you could eat, when you could eat.

“When this challenge came along it was a really good time to go, ‘All right, let’s apply myself now. Let’s see if I can get into a better physical shape, which will, in turn, help my mental shape.’”

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