Sam Kerr cops fresh racial charge setback as prosecution gets a win

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Sam Kerr’s legal battle has suffered its first setback after the prosecution was granted an extra two days to lodge documents outlining their case against the Matildas captain.

Kerr’s legal team filed documents with Kingston Crown Court in early April which underlined that she did not intend to racially abuse a police officer on an alleged drunken night out.

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Originally the prosecution had seven days to respond to the filing, but were granted extra days to lodge documents outlining their case against Kerr.

The prosecution is expected to include witness statements from the two police officers from the night of the alleged incident.

Kerr was charged with intentionally causing racially aggravated harassment, alarm or distress to a male police officer in London.

The incident allegedly occurred on January 30, 2023.

The Matildas and Chelsea striker is reportedly set to argue her case that she never referred to a police officer as a “stupid white bastard”.

The alleged remark was brought to light a day after the Matildas striker appeared at Kingston Crown Court via videolink.

Kerr reportedly isn’t denying that she referred to the policeman as “white”, but will instead argue she said “stupid white cop”.

As Kerr’s legal fight continues, speculation surrounding her standing as the captain of the national side has remained in the spotlight.

Matildas keeper Mackenzie Arnold came to her teammate’s side following a blistering attack from former Australian cricketer Mitchell Johnson.

“Regardless of the outcome of Kerr’s charge in England, her captaincy deserves to be called into question after hiding it from Football Australia,” Johnson wrote in a column for The Nightly.

“More than just being looked up to by many young girls and boys, Kerr is the captain.

“Leaders need to lead from the front, and not telling the national body about her legal issues sends a terrible message, more so when you’re the captain.

“This would be a good time to show the young kids who look up to her, or any of our sports stars, that you must be accountable for your actions. What message does this send our kids otherwise?”

Arnold hit back and rubbished the suggestions that have been levelled.

“I don’t believe so (that there is conversations about whether or not to strip Kerr as Matildas captain),” she said.

“I haven’t really had that conversation. It’s just not really in the team environment right now.

“Honestly, we haven’t really spoken about it at all.

“Sam’s just really concentrating on her knee rehab back in London and she’s in high spirits and just pretty much carrying on with normal. We haven’t really conversed with the team and her at all.”