Sad reality of Melbourne woman’s viral TikTok video

One Melbourne woman who has outshone stars such as Beyonce is set to take over TikTok with the most liked video of all time.

Leah Halton, who goes by @looooooooch on TikTok, posted a video of herself pulling faces and lip syncing along to Praise Jah In The Moonlight by YG Marley in February.

The simple video has been watched more than 705.8 million times.

Currently, the most liked video on the app is a very similar clip of American creator Bella Poarch bobbing her head around to Millie B’s M to the B, which has 65.8 million likes.

Leah’s account has many similar videos of her singing while showing off her outfit of the day, get ready with me videos, clips of her cat named Prada and beauty tutorials.

Melbourne woman on track to become the most watched clip on TikTok

The 23-year-old said in a recent video that makeup was her passion but she has a “soft spot in her heart” for making YouTube videos.

She has been posting on YouTube for four years, where she has 1.2 million subscribers. That pales in comparison to her 8.2 million TikTok following.

“It’s crazy that this ‘blow up’ has happened in such a short time frame and for those of you that are new followers, I hope you enjoy getting to know me. I’m so emotional and just feel so blessed,” she told her followers, according to the Herald Sun.

However, while many overseas assumed that Leah “made bank” on the video, fellow user Nicole Khouri pointed out Australia doesn’t have the creator fund.

The creator fund was introduced in 2020 and allows users who have had 100,000 authentic views on a video in the last 30 days to join. It allows users to make money off their content without having to do brand deals, affiliate links or sponsored videos. But, this isn’t an option in Australia.

“The saddest part about this is that Leah is an Australian and we don’t have the creator fund here. Sis would’ve made bank from this video alone,” Nicole said.

It started a conversation where many said they didn’t try with their content on the app for this specific reason.

Simon Bates, Head of Content, TikTok AUNZ, told “Australian creators, who use the platform to reach a global audience, can, and do, regularly make money from their content, by working with brands to promote and advertise their products or services.”

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