Rich Dad Poor Dad author’s wild rant

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A best-selling author has been called out for going on a bizarre rant in Australia where fans claim he “berated” and “humiliated” women before telling the audience they were “Marxists” if they sent their children to school.

Robert Kiyosaki, who wrote the personal finance book Rich Dad Poor Dad, went on his “last ever live and in-person” tour in Australia and New Zealand last month which began in Sydney on March 14.

Rich Dad Poor Dad author's bizarre outburst during Sydney show

In a video posted to TikTok, Mr Kiyosaki received several shocked gasps from the audience during his talk as he asked fans to come on stage and ask him a question.

At one stage, Mr Kiyosaki tells a woman of Asian descent that he “killed a lot” of her people during the war before mimicking shooting her. Mr Kiyosaki served in the Marine Corps as a helicopter gunship pilot during the 70s.

“I killed a lot of your people, it’s not funny but I did,” he said.

In a strange segue, Mr Kiyosaki then went on to tell the audience: “You want to be a Marxist, send your kids to f**king school.

“They’ll learn how to be boys turned into girls, disgusting. Absolutely disgusting,” he said.

He tells another woman in the audience she is wearing a “hot outfit” and is “breaking men’s hearts”.

The TikTok user who posted the video said she went to the seminar with a friend who was a fan of Mr Kiyosaki.

“This was the last hour of the event where he invited audience members on stage to ask him a question,” she wrote.

“He proceeded to berate and humiliate mostly the women who all had very thoughtful questions”.

She said while the event was supposed to be a full nine-hour day seminar, he appeared for less than two hours.

“Tickets were priced at $150-$1000 depending on seating distance from the stage. In the last hour he repeated everything he said in the first hour. He then left 30 minutes early. Lost all respect for him,” she said.

On the live tour, Mr Kiyosaki travelled to Sydney on March 14 before visiting Brisbane on March 16, Melbourne on March 18 and finally Auckland on March 22.

Mr Kiyosaki claims “Rich Dad Poor Dad” is the number one best-selling finance book of all time.

In recent months, Mr Kiyosaki has been criticised for spouting controversial advice during speaking appearances, recommending investors buy stocks on margin in unfunded brokerage accounts and advising people to buy multiple real estate properties with little or no money down. has reached out to Mr Kiyosaki for comment.