Rebel Wilson names star she lost virginity to at 35 in new memoir

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Rebel Wilson has identified the actor whom she lost her virginity to at the age of 35 in her new memoir.

The Sydney-born star, 44, delved into her past romances in a chapter from Rebel Rising titled “Late Bloomer”, which included details of her relationship with actor and comedian Mickey Gooch Jr.

Wilson explained that she was almost at her “highest weight” when it happened, which was while filming How To Be Single in New York in 2016, and that she’d waited so long as she was convinced that “as a big girl, no one would ever truly find me sexually attractive”.

The actor went on to explain that she was motivated to lose her virginity after her discovering her mother had breast cancer.

“Life IS short. I didn’t want to live my life without experiencing sex. Experiencing love. I Just put it out into the universe that I was finally ready. I was going to feel the fear and just do it,” Wilson wrote.

“I was going to sl** it up with the next guy that came along – who also seemed like a suitable marriage candidate.”

Soon after learning of her mother’s diagnosis, Wilson was set up on a date with Gooch by her Pitch Perfect co-star Hana Mae Lee, and that she’d instantly found him “sexy”.

However, it was a month after they started dating that Wilson felt ready to sleep with him, and invited him to come to NYC to stay with her.

The actor then wrote that she watched porn and used a sex toy in “preparation” for the big event.

Wilson added that afterwards, she’d wanted to be with him “all the time”.

The relationship ended around six months later, although the pair have remained good friends.

In an interview with People magazine ahead of the book’s release, the star had revealed the age she’d lost her virginity – although stopped short of naming her sexual partner – in a bid to normalise “late bloomers”.

“People can wait till they’re ready or wait till they’re a bit more mature,” Wilson explained.

“And I think that could be a positive message. You obviously don’t have to wait until you’re in your thirties like me, but you shouldn’t feel pressure as a young person.”

She added that she would go out of her way to avoid the subject of sex altogether in the past because she was “embarrassed”.

“I just knew I was attracted to men, and that was the normal thing,” she said. “And so when I started opening myself up probably more after my father’s death and realising, ‘Oh, even though I’d seen marriage as a terrible thing and waste of time, I started opening myself up to that.’ And then only years later, meeting women and having feelings for a woman, and that, I just think it’s a sign of where society kind of was.”

The star is now engaged to fashion designer Ramona Agruma and they welcomed their first child, Royce Lillian, via surrogate in November 2022.

Wilson has generated plenty of headlines in recent days as explosive preview details from the memoir were revealed ahead of its planned April 3 release – and in an unexpected development, numerous retailers appear to have removed it from their websites.

Amazon have made the memoir unavailable to customers and noted on its page that they
“don’t know when or if this item will be back in stock”, while website Booktopia currently has it listed as “unavailable” with no further details.

It comes after Wilson publicly criticised former co-star Sacha Baron Cohen ahead of its planned release, alleging the comedian tried to pressure her to film a nude scene, leading her to later adopt a “no a**holes” policy when choosing who to work with.

Baron Cohen has strongly denied the claims, with his spokesman describing them as “demonstrable false” and “directly contradicted by extensive detailed evidence.”

Wilson also took to Instagram to claim Cohen’s lawyers had been attempting to block the release of her memoir while it included details of the allegations, telling followers that she was refusing to back down.

“Now the a**hole is trying to threaten me. He’s hired a crisis PR manager and lawyers,” she said.

“He’s trying to stop press coming out about my new book,” she wrote in an Instagram story last week. “But the book WILL come out and you will all know the truth.”