Realms Collide is Tilting Point’s new strategy game now available as early access in the Philippines

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Avatar: Realms Collide is a 4x strategy title from the global free-to-play publisher Tilting Point and is now available in early access in the Philippines. Announced in March 2024, the title is now available in the Philippines as a part of its limited technical test. AN Games, a developer specializing in real-time strategy games, is partnered with Tilting Point to bring the game under the license granted by Paramount Consumer Products. The game combines the popular Nickelodeon series Avatar: The Last Airbender and The Legend of Korra. Besides, Avatar: Realms Collide is available to pre-register on Android.

A few technical tests are underway before the official launch

The hype started in last year’s August when it was confirmed that Tilting Point was developing a multiplayer strategy title focused on Avatar: The Last Airbender franchise. As the game sees daylight now, the developers have said that it is still under development so only a few selected countries will manage to watch and play it in their respective stores. However, it is highly anticipated for the fans of the popular series as we grew up watching the benders defeating evils. Now, as the game is not coming even in any particular region, they decided to keep things small. We will see a global release only after it reaches a release point after solving the bugs and technical issues.

Avatar: Realms Collide teases strategic moves with popular heroes from the Four Nations with characters from both The Legend of Aang and The Legend of Korra. You will choose your preferred element and also take charge of one of the four nations. Recruiting powerful benders from across the land will form up teams to fight against the dangerous cult devoted to a dark entity from the Spirit World.

Avatar Realms Collide game features
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Avatar: Realms Collide early access in the Philippines, pre-registration ongoing worldwide

Avatar: Realms Collide is now in early access but has yet to reveal an expected release date. Besides, it didn’t reveal the limited test countries. So, it’s unknown how long the tests will run. Fans may or may not have to wait longer as community support is present in Discord to answer any queries regarding the game. Moreover, further details of the title can be found on social media channels like Twitter, Facebook, or even the official website. For now, the title is available for pre-registration in Gogle Play Store. There is no confirmation of the title regarding its iOS release. We may see the iOS version at a later date.

So, interested players can just head to the Play Store link and pre-register by tapping on the button. The title is also giving pre-registration bonuses. Each pre-registered player will get 100k Food, 100k Wood, 100k Gold, 100k Stone, 100x Gem, and 5x Silver Scroll when the title is available. For now, we can wait to see what the developers further reveal.

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