Radio 1 star Dean McCullough unrecognisable after hair transplant: ‘Oh my god’

A radio presenter has been left looking unrecognisable following a hair transplant.

The presenter, who works for Radio 1 in the UK, took to TikTok to show off the results of the procedure and assured fans the swelling to his face was “normal”.

Dean McCullough, who stood in for Breakfast Show host Greg James earlier this year, also joked that the swelling had almost forced his eye shut.

Opening up about his surgery, which moves skin with hair to an area that’s thinning or bald, McCullough declared: “Day 3 of my hair transplant journey and I’m trusting the process, zero pain or major discomfort and apparently the swelling is normal. The swelling should be gone by end of day four and I’lll be able to wash it on day five. Sleeping is fine, the donor area is fine, I’m putting antiseptic on it and following the after-care plan.”

McCullough went onto joke that he now has “cheek bones” as well as teasing he was in his “Avatar era” in reference to the characters in the blockbuster movie franchise.

After he posted, some of the star’s followers rushed to comment, insisting they never would have guessed it was him.

One wrote: “OMG it’s Dean! I didn’t even recognise you.”

Another said: “OMG it’s Dean! I didn’t even recognise you. The fact I thought why do I know his voice until I read your name.”

Replying to one, McCullough said: “My right eye is like a slit!”

McCullough, who regularly appeared on Big Brother Late and Live during last year’s civilian series, recently sparked rumours he was heading into the celebrity version.

And earlier this year he was announced as the host of Radio 1’s early breakfast show.

He originally hosted a weekend show before hosting afternoons following the exit of Scott Mills

McCullough said of his new gig: “I’m really excited to be taking over the reins from the amazing Arielle Free. “The Early Breakfast crew are the best listeners at Radio 1. I’m really excited to get stuck in and wake up the nation every morning.”

This story originally appeared on The Sun and was reproduced with permission.