Question many have about conjoined twin marriage revealed


The marriage of one of a pair of famous conjoined twins has prompted worldwide reaction, and there’s one question that just keeps popping up.

Abby and Brittany Hensel, 34, have been living private lives since their eight-episode show Abby & Brittany aired on TLC in 2012. But they were thrust back into the spotlight over the weekend when marriage records made public by the Today show revealed fresh details.

Abby, the left-side conjoined twin, married Josh Bowling, a nurse and United States Army veteran, in 2021. They live in Minnesota, where the Hensel twins were born and raised, The New York Post reports.

After it was revealed Abby had tied the knot, everybody began to ask the question; how does this work legally?

One Reddit user took to the social media forum to ask: “So like, legally, could they both get married? To different people?”

Many commenters began to speculate on the answer, with one social media user declaring: “Yes. Abby and Brittany are legally two different people. In practice, it’s a little more confusing. This is probably more like they are all married, but legally only one of them can be married to that one dude. You know, because polygamy is illegal.”

One Reddit user weighed in suggesting: “One of the twins will be the legal spouse as far as the state is concerned. So it is theoretically possible that the other twin could some day decide to marry a different person.

“But given the way they have had to harmonise their entire lives, I imagine they would find it easier to stick to being married to just one person.”

Conjoined twins hit back at haters

The twins were also the target of trolls after the marriage news broke, but the relatively private Abby has since taken to social media to hit back.

She posted an Instagram video with a series of images on a loop, and it had a voice over that said: “This is a message to all the haters out there. If you don’t like what I do but you watch everything I’m doing? You’re still a fan.”

Abby and Josh kept their marriage under wraps from the public eye until 2023, when they shared photos of the wedding ceremony on their TikTok, @abbyandbrittanyhensel.

A wedding guest’s resurfaced clip has now revealed an intimate moment from the lovebird’s wedding on Facebook. In the 20-second video, posted on Heidi Bowling’s account, the couple are seen dancing and kissing at the reception.

Abby and her sister wore an all-white, sleeveless bridal gown and laced-back dress, while Bowling wore a grey suit.

Bowling is seen staring into his blushing bride’s eyes while Brittany supports her sister.

The duo originally appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show in 1996, explaining their lives as conjoined twins.

They were born as dicephalous conjoined twins, a rare condition when two heads are on a single body with one genital system; two, three or four arms, two hearts and two legs.

The Hensel twins share a bloodstream and all organs below the waist. Abby controls their right arm and leg and Brittany controls the left side.