Queensland miner reveals eye-watering $300k salary

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A miner has candidly admitted to social media how much money he makes and it is yet again proof that most of us are in the wrong job.

The self-employed FIFO worker revealed he makes an eye-watering $300,000 a year.

He was bailed up in Brisbane’s city centre for a promotional video from the Getahead team, which operates an app like Tinder but for job searching.

“What do you do and how much do you make?” the Getahead team member asks.

“Underground coal miner,” he replies. “I work for myself so nearly 300.”

Miner's eye-watering salary revealed

The unnamed man revealed he comes from a long line of miners which is how he fell into this kind of work.

“All my family’s always just done it so been doing it since I was 17,” he said.

As the interview on the Brisbane street continued, he was asked what kind of qualifications he needed for the role.

“Anyone can do it,” he said.

Miners need to complete a Standard 11, a mandatory training module about safety in the mines.

However, while anyone can do it, not just anyone is cut out for it, he pointed out.

“I don’t get scared but there are other people that have come down for the first time and wanted to get straight back out because they couldn’t handle it,” he said, adding that sometimes he can be working up to one kilometre underground.

“It is a dangerous job obviously.”

The video was posted on TikTok and soon comments were flowing in thick and fast.

One of the sticking points for viewers was what he was wearing.

Dressed in thongs and shorts, and with a five o’clock shadow, he did cut a rather casual figure.

“$300k per year with a $20 fit from Kmart,” one person noted.

The average salary of an Australian miner is $150,000, according to job hiring platform Talent.

Data released at the end of last year from the Australian Bureau of Statistics reviewed personal income tax data and found the median income in Australia was $54,890, pre-tax.

The highest median personal incomes tended to be in mining towns, where workers often earned twice as much as the typical Aussie.

While these mining towns took out positions one to six, the final places to round out the top 10 were suburbs in Sydney’s north or east.

Those towns were:

Ashburton, WA – $105,655

Roxby Downs, SA – $103,653

Peppermint Grove, WA – $96,684

Port Hedland, WA – $93,230

Weipa, Queensland – $91,494

East Pilbara, WA – $89,562

Woollahra, NSW – $84,255

North Sydney, NSW – $82,706

Mosman, NSW – $78,408

Lane Cove, NSW – $78,323

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