Pilgrims, a short adventure game by Amanita Design, is now available on Android and iOS

The Czech independent studio, Amanita Design, recognized for acclaimed games such as Machinarium, CHUCHEL, and Creaks, joyfully declares the independent launch of their animated adventure, Pilgrims, for iOS and Android devices. Almost five years following its initial introduction on Apple Arcade, where it concluded its availability in March, the game is now available on the App Store and Google Play.

Embark on an enchanting journey in Pilgrims

Pilgrims is a brief adventure game unfolding within the scenic realm of a picturesque kingdom. Its narrative takes cues from timeless Central and Eastern European folklore, as well as elements from the literary works of John Steinbeck.

Image via Amanita Design

Within this game, players encounter the tales of Tramp, Granny, Bandit, and Devil—four distinct characters, each with their unique traits and advantages. As the story progresses, these characters unite to traverse the land, encountering strangers and extending assistance to one another along the way.

Pilgrims is a thumb-friendly mobile game with endless possibilities

The genesis of Pilgrims traces back to a card-based mini-game within Amanita Design’s earlier release, Samorost 3. In this game, players tackled puzzles by experimenting with card interactions. Consequently, Pilgrims brims with whimsical scenarios, urging players to explore various card combinations as many challenges can be tackled in multiple ways.

Moreover, the game enhances replay value with 45 achievements waiting to be unlocked. Designed primarily for smartphone play, Pilgrims offers an experience tailored for one-thumb convenience. The development team, spearheaded by Jakub Dvorsky, conceptualized and visually crafted Pilgrims, with animation by Václav Blín and programming by Michal Berlinger. The game’s audio landscape was shaped by the talented duo of Tomáš ‘Floex’ Dvořák and Tomáš ‘Moták’ Dvořák.

Pilgrims mobile
Image via Amanita Design

The game will be accessible for free as a “free-to-start” option on both the App Store and Google Play. Following a brief introductory segment, individuals will have the opportunity to access the complete game by making a single payment of 2.99 USD/EUR (pricing may differ based on region).

Pilgrims embarked on their adventure initially in October 2019, debuting on PC and Apple devices through the Apple Arcade subscription service, and later extending their journey to the Nintendo Switch platform three years thereafter.

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