Pendulum, a new puzzle title is now available on Android and iOS

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Arc Tracker: Pendulum is a new puzzle title brought to you by Infinity Games. The game, Arc Tracker: Pendulum initially available on iOS is now also available for Android. The game is priced at $1.99 on the app stores.

Focus your mind and solve relaxing puzzles with Arc Tracker: Pendulum

The game, Arc Tracker: Pendulum will allow you to browse through some relaxing sets of puzzles that you can solve at your own pace and clear levels. The game features hundreds of brain-teasing puzzles with each offering a unique progression and patterns. Hone your reasoning skills and simulate logic with some of the challenging puzzles for mobile.

Arc Tracker: Pendulum official launch, Arc Tracker: Pendulum
Image via Infinity Games

The game, Arc Tacker follows a simple pattern of gameplay, control the ball by tracing its circular course by tapping. Select the direction and bring the glowing ball of light to the target, passing through ever-growing challenges and obstacles in the puzzle. The game also features some of the soothing graphics and game settings you will find across, making it a satisfying gaming experience.

The game has almost 150 levels for you in the game and more can be expected to be released in the future with game updates. Each of these 150 levels offers something different and unique for the players to access. Arc Tracker features unique and well-detailed artwork to help you focus on the game. The artwork is designed to inspire and light up your mind with stimulating sounds and shapes

Arc Tracker: Pendulum is now available to download and play

The game, Arc Tracker: Pendulum earlier available for iOS is now also available for Android. If you are interested in the game, be sure to access it via Google Play and the App Store.

Arc Tracker: Pendulum official launch, Arc Tracker: Pendulum
Image via Infinity Games

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