Patrick Stewart’s “pain” over his kids refusing to speak to him

Sir Patrick Stewart has shared his grief over being estranged from his two children.

The X-Men star, 83, shares son, Daniel and daughter, Sophie with his first wife, Sheila Falconer.

The pair, who are both now in their 50s, don’t have a relationship with the actor.

Stewart has confessed that he “put his acting first” and lays the blame with them not being in contact firmly at his own feet.

“Given that I’m separated from my children now – we don’t have relationships – they have become very important. I never thought that this would happen, but both my children are in their 50s – they’re not children anymore, they’re adults,” he told The Irish Independent.

“And my relationship with them is practically non-existent.”

“I always put my acting work first, before my family,” he continued, saying that “not a day goes by” in which he is “not pained by the memory of my children”.

The beloved actor added that he still feels “responsible” because they “became who they are in part because of me and my influence or lack of influence on them”.

Stewart was married to his first wife Sheila for 22 years, before the couple split in 1990.

His son, Daniel, has followed in his father’s footsteps and gone on to become an actor.

He’s appeared in numerous stage shows, and had an on-screen role in US crime drama Law & Order: Special Victims Unit.

Sadly, Stewart’s attempts to rekindle contact with his children over the years have not been successful.

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In 2009, he confessed that while he felt like his children had “forgiven him”, he was still desperate to “correct” things for the sake of his grandchildren.

He also shared that it was “hard on his kids” growing up because he was barely around.

“When I got married and I had children, I missed huge amounts of time,” he shared. “I would see my kids on Sundays if I was lucky. It was hard on my kids.”