Nurse allegedly held at knifepoint by Darwin youth in attempted carjacking

Terrifying footage has captured the moment a nurse was allegedly held at knifepoint as a group of youths attempted to steal her car in an attack that left her fearing for her life.

Nurse Anu Chapagain was confronted by a group of four male youths who allegedly attempted to steal her car on Harvey Street in Darwin City at 6:40pm on Wednesday.

Footage appears to show a youth throwing an object at the window of Ms Chapagain’s car before she exits the vehicle, fleeing down the street with her wireless keys.

A youth then approaches Ms Chapagain before appearing to point a knife at her.

“Give me your car, give me your car, right now, right now,” he shouts.

Moments later, he is seen running back to the car.

Northern Territory Police said the alleged offenders were able to start the car but with keys out of range, they could not drive as the vehicle was a push start.

They allegedly fled the scene on foot.

Speaking to The Australian, Ms Chapagain, who moved to Darwin from Nepal in 2009, said she was “really scared” during the attack.

“I feel like (I’m having) a heart attack, after that I spin my head, I nearly fall down,” she told the publication.

“I was thinking … what if they kill me, how is my family going to survive.”

As a personal care assistant at Darwin Hospital, Ms Chapagain said she’s always helping members of the community and felt “betrayed” by the incident.

“My children, my family, my community, all Darwin people are not safe.”

Police said the same group later approached a taxi parked at a service station about 10.30pm and allegedly assaulted the driver, demanding the keys to the vehicle.

They allegedly stole small items before again fleeing on foot.

NT Chief Minister Eva Lawler labelled the actions “appalling” and said one youth had been sent home to the Tiwi Islands, according to The Australian.

A 13-year-old and a 14-year-old have been arrested and are expected to be charged.

Two 11-year-olds were reportedly taken home into the care of a “responsible adult”.