NSW, Crime: Teen travelled 90 minutes before allegedly attacking Sydney bishop

A teen who allegedly stabbed Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel at a Sydney church travelled up to 90 minutes from his home address to allegedly carry out the horrifying attack.

The 16-year-old boy is expected to front court on Friday while under guard in hospital after he was charged with committing a terrorist act under Commonwealth law.

Police allege the teen attacked the 53-year-old bishop and another priest during a live-streamed service at the Christ the Good Shepherd Church in Wakeley on Monday.

AFP Commissioner Reece Kershaw said items, including electronic devices, were seized from the teen’s home on Tuesday before investigators spoke to the boy.

“Yesterday (Thursday) investigators attended a medical facility to interview the alleged offender, where he was charged with committing a terrorist act,” he said.

“We allege that the act committed meets the definition (of terrorism) for reasons outlined in a statement effects, but I will not go into those facts here today.

“I want to reinforce that our job is not done … We target criminality not countries, we investigate radicalisation and not religion.”

Mr Kershaw said investigators were still reviewing electronic material allegedly seized from the boy’s home.

“As you’d probably be aware of people have thousands and thousands of videos and images that they store and also what what we find on social media,” he said.

“The joint counterterrorism team will go through all of that material forensically to establish what the other avenues of inquiry are, but also evidence going to the charge.”

Mr Kershaw said the AFP were “really encouraging the big companies to do the right thing” after Facebook was ordered to remove content linked to the alleged attack.

“They know that that that is going through their systems and their servers, and they need to do the right thing and take that material off the internet,” he said.

For her part, NSW Police Commissioner Karen Webb condemned “misinformation being scattered on social media” and said social media sites “have a role to play”.

“I think leading a social media platform should bring with it big social, corporate responsibility,” she said.

“I think to have images like that online, they need to be removed immediately and not left up there.”

Ms Webb was unable to provide details of the allegations but said police would allege the teen travelled up to 90 minutes from his home address to carry out the attack.

The teenage boy, who cannot be identified, was restrained by parishioners and was later transported to hospital, where he has remained having severed his own finger.

The teen’s arrested sparked a violent confrontation between police, during which the rioters allegedly smashed patrol cars and lobbed bricks and stones at officers.

The first man arrested over the alleged riot, 19-year-old Dani Mansour, was told in court on Thursday he faced allegations he filmed himself kicking two police cars.

The Mt Druitt barber was granted strict conditional bail by Magistrate Aaron Tang, who ordered Mr Mansour not communicate with any of the 2000 some rioters.

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