Nine star Deb Knight reveals on air she’s moving on from 2GB afternoon show

Deborah Knight has confirmed reports that she’s departing from the 2GB Afternoons program after four years as host.

The popular Nine star, 50, addressed speculation, first reported by The Sunday Telegraph, about her exit at the top of her show on Monday.

“I have some personal news that I would like to share with you and I had hoped that you would hear it from me first,” Knight told her listeners, confirming she was “stepping back” as Afternoons host.

“I am not, however, leaving 2GB. In fact, I’m taking on a new, broader network role. I’ve been appointed to a new position, as the new national host of Money News – which of course is heard at 7pm around the country.”

Knight added that she would also be involved in “new podcast projects” as well as continuing in her regular Nine television duties as Saturday and fill-in host of A Current Affair.

“So I’m not out the door by any measure,” she clarified. “I’m just stepping through a new door – here on the radio at least.

“Stepping back from Afternoons isn’t easy, I love this show, and it’s been a real privilege to keep you informed … and it’s been a lot of fun too, keeping you entertained.”

Knight told her audience she was “proud” of her show and “so proud of the small team” working behind the scenes every day.

“Best of all though, is the connection with you – the heartwarming stories I get to hear every day,” she explained.

“So I will very much miss you, my Afternoons family … but this new role will allow me spend some more time with my own family.

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“And I don’t swan in here at 5 to midday every day – I’m a hard worker, I’m in here early, I’m up late prepping for the show. And I’ve missed too many school drop-offs and pick-ups over the years, I really have.”

Knight’s last day on the show will be at the end of this week, which comes “earlier than anticipated”, and she will start in her new role next year.

According to the report in the Telegraph yesterday, Knight was reportedly informed last week and was “shattered” by the news.

Her recent ratings have reportedly dropped to a record low – 6 per cent market share in the most recent radio ratings survey, down from a 2023 high of 8.9 per cent.

Knight was appointed to the role four years ago, receiving significantly higher ratings at 11.4 per cent share results, at a time when radio was drawing larger audiences due to the Covid lockdown.

Her contract was rumoured to be at a whopping $600,000 at the start of her role with 2GB in 2020.

The spot for the 2GB Afternoons show host will soon be up for grabs, with several media personalities reportedly eyeing the role.

The Telegraph reports that a recent fill-in for Knight, Joe Hildebrand, could potentially be a “favourite” for the role.

Fellow 2GB presenter Mark Levy has also expressed interest in the position.