NIKKE ONE MORE TIME story event introduces new SSR character Bay

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Goddess of Victory: NIKKE, the sci-fi RPG from SHIFT UP and Level Infinite has now introduced another new story event titled ONE MORE TIME on April 11, 2024. Like your usual story update, which brings us rewards, gameplay elements, and more, we also have a new SSR Character Bay arriving in the game, so let me give you all an overview of this update.

Goddess of Victory: NIKKE ONE MORE TIME Event Overview

New Character: SSR Bay

Another new addition to the Special Recruits is Bay, who is dressed as a cheerleader. She is a Defender class NIKKE with type II burst skill. She comes equipped with Victory Fanfare, a Rocket Launcher from Tetra Line.

Image via Level Infinite

Speaking about her features, during battles, Bay comes in handy in helping her friends stay safe in battles. She makes her protection stronger by boosting and healing her Cover HP. Plus, she takes on some of the damage her friends and their protection would normally take, so everyone can stay in the fight longer.

In the story event during the Ark’s cheerleading championship qualifiers, Bay gets her squad’s lowest score ever. But instead of giving up, she decides to work hard with Clay to win first place in the championship. They practice together tirelessly, turning Bay’s setback into motivation to improve. With Clay’s support, Bay is ready to show everyone what she’s made of and lead her squad to victory.

Gameplay Updates and New Archive entry

In terms of gameplay updates, the markers are introducing Side Story, the new gameplay entry. Here, let’s think about immersive stories from various perspectives that complement and expand the main plot. Immerse yourself in the rich lore of Nikkes through these story-driven adventures, fully voiced for an even more engaging experience.

Goddess of Victory: NIKKE
Image Via Level Infinite

Other than that, we have put in a story event Red Ash for your enjoyment now accessible in the Event Archives section. Engage yourself with ONE MORE TIME event and collect Memory Films to unlock a series of additional story events within the Archives.

Events, Rewards, and other additions

As usual, we have a new Challenge Stage that is kicking off. We have also the Colourful Cheer Up login event coming, with seven-day login rewards. Weekends are full of surprises, as the FULL BURST DAY event brings extra rewards in both the Interception and Simulation Room.

When your Union hits Level 3, gear up for the Union Raid, taking on the bosses with your fellow members to earn Union Chips for great rewards. The new character packages available will be displayed on the Limited-Time Package section of the Cash Shop after the maintenance time.

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