Nick Kyrgios calls for umpire to be sacked after controversy erupts at Estoril Open, Cristian Garin vs Nuno Borges, tennis news

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The tennis world has been left in disbelief over a controversial umpire call that took place at the Estoril Open on Saturday (AEDT).

Cristian Garin was taking on hometown hero Nuno Borges when controversy erupted during the second set of their quarter-final contest.

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Garin won the first set of the match but Borges had bounced back and was holding a 3-2 lead and had the advantage in the sixth game of the set on Garin’s serve.

In the middle of a rally however a member from the crowd yelled “out”, despite the disturbance Borges returned the shot before Garin slammed a forehand that landed well out.

The Chilean star however immediately pointed to his opponent before approaching chair umpire Christian Rask.

Garin argued that Borges had stopped playing because of the hindrance with Rask awarding the point to Garin.

Borges immediately protested the decision to award his opponent the point instead of either giving him the point or replaying it.

“Why did I lose the point? It’s not my fault,” Borges argued.

“I know it’s not but I’m not allowed to replay the point,” Rask said.

Borges responded: “Yeah but the sound was not the same. Just because people (in the crowd) say ‘out’ or ‘ooohh’ like it’s not my fault.”

After again being told the point can’t be replayed he instantly calls for the supervisor. As the trio talk over the incident, Garin approaches but offers up little help.

Ultimately the call to award the point for Garin stood, with the Tennis Channel noting that Rask was “unable to properly remember the point at hand”. The decision cost Borges the break of serve.

Borges’ coaching team was up in arms as the commentator and the collective tennis world were left stunned.

“This cannot be,” a Tennis TV commentator said.

“It’s a dreadful mistake. And it could be an important one.

The commentator later added: “You very rarely see a decision as poor as this. That is deeply disturbing.”

The controversial incident quickly buzzed around social media with fans amazed at how the umpire had come to the decision to award Garin the point despite his last shot being well out.

While the umpire came under heavy fire from social media users, many were quick to point the finger at Garin for accepting the point.

Tennis journalist Jose Morgado wrote: “Horrendous umpiring. Even worse sportsmanship here tbh.”

Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios didn’t hold back after seeing the incident, writing: “This umpire should be fired and never be able to take place in another match. Disgrace.”

One user wrote: “The umpire should be hold accountable for such an awful decision, and likewise the supervisor. Nuno literally did nothing in the rules of tennis that could in any way take the point away from him. This is shocking, upsetting, and a disrespect to the whole sport.”

Another added: “What a load of BS. Borges did not stop the point. I can’t believe we are having this ridiculous argument again after Cobolli/Djokovic at Indian Wells. And Garin did not stop the point either – he went for midcourt forehand and missed it. Scandalous decision by chair umpire.”

After securing the victory, Garin was asked about the controversial moment and held firm his point of view that Borges had stopped the point.

“He stopped the point. I stopped too. I don’t know if it’s my point or if we should replay it. Need to check it. I will check it later. The atmosphere was crazy after that and I’m very proud of myself. It was kind of annoying during the match,” he said.

Borges remained baffled by the outcome and said that Garin had told him he missed his shot because he thought the point was over.

“I left the court without understanding the umpire’s judgment. He knows he made a mistake. It didn’t make any sense. Point shouldn’t stop because someone in the crowd shouts. He felt something coming from the crowd but we continued but he missed. Garin told me he missed because I stopped. It’s not his fault, but he doesn’t look good in this situation as well.”

Garin will now take on number two seed Hubert Hurkacz in the semi-final.

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