New World April 2024 update brings limited-time events and other brand-new content

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Netmarble, renowned for developing and publishing top-tier mobile games, has rolled out a fresh April 2024 update for its collectible RPG, Tower of God: New World. The update introduces a new companion, time-limited events, and various other fresh content accessible to all players.

Tower Of God: New World April 2024 update introduces a new playable character

In the latest update, players can now recruit Red Mask Hwaryun (also known as Red Element, Warrior, Guide) as a playable companion. Drawing from the formidable abilities of FUG member Yuto, Red Mask Hwaryun excels as a Warrior adept at physical combat, employing her expertise to stun and provoke adversaries. Moreover, she bestows upon her allies a beneficial buff that bolsters their physical piercing attacks.

Additionally, the update introduces the Hell Train Arena, a competitive battleground where players from across the server can engage in intense battles over 14 days. To vie for top honors in the Name Hunt Station Festival lineup, players must navigate through successive trains successfully. Participants stand to gain valuable rewards, including Normal Summon Tickets, Black Market Tickets, Exclusive Equipment Enhancement Extract, Revolution Fragment, SSR Soulstones, and more.

Dive into the exciting second phase of the flowery spring campaign in Tower Of God: New World

From today until April 25, the second segment of the Flowery Spring Campaign has been launched, offering various activities for players to engage in:

  • A narrative Event titled “A Scarf in the Flowery Spring – When I Think of You Part 2” allows players to delve into an original storyline featuring young Ha Yuri and Lero Ro as they ascend the tower. Additionally, players can participate in Battle stages and earn rewards like the Red Mask Hwaryun, Shining Revolution Fragment, and Suspendium.
  • The Event Exchange Shop for Flowery Spring Part 2 enables players to trade items acquired from the story event for SSR [Red Mask] Hwaryun Soulstone, Rare Whetstone, and other rewards.
  • The Flowery Spring Part 2 Check-In Event rewards players for logging in during the event duration with valuable prizes, including Red Mask Hwaryun Hot Deal Summon Tickets and Suspendium.
Tower Of God New World Red Mask
Image via Netmarble

Moreover, the Tower Fun Run Event has been made accessible to all players until April 25. Participants have the opportunity to enhance their boards by completing laps of the Tower Fun Run, thereby earning rewards like SSR Red Mask Hwaryun, Revolution Fragment, SSR Soulstone, Suspendium, Master Key, and additional prizes. As players advance in board levels, they can unlock a wider array of rewards.

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