New business Roxy Jacenko is behind

The notoriously public Roxy Jacenko has revealed the secret successful business she’s behind. 

Jacenko, 43, has made a career out of being ahead of the trends, first with her PR business, Sweaty Betty, then by managing her daughter Pixie’s career; yes, she was a career child who was so successful she even owns her $270,000 Mercedes at 13. 

Sadly, Pixie retired to focus on high school, but Jacenko’s still hustling, and she’s done it again with her latest venture.

Jacenko confirmed to that she’s now behind a wildly popular range of iPhone cases called “lip mounts”.

The special case, which is very on-trend, allows you to keep your phone covered while storing lip gloss.

The brand is called 270x and is being sold at the phone accessory retailer FoneKing online. For Jacenko, the fact her name isn’t attached to the product is unusual.

She famously had a line of accessories called XRJ accessories, and when her daughter launched her bow line, it was called Pixie’s Bows.

“I wanted to do something that wasn’t so Roxy and to create a range of fashion for your phone accessories that are interchangeable depending on your need,” she told 

Jacenko started the business less than a month ago and decided to launch her own phone case line because why not?

“I have always been that person, see it, do it! I love watching trends and have had so much success,” she explained.

She’s not wrong. Jacenko and her daughter Pixie famously started selling fidgets during the height of that toy mania. The business earned $200,000 in its first month but closed so Pixie could focus on her studies. 

Jacenko’s latest idea occurred to her because she saw Hailey Bieber selling phone cases that could store lip glosses and lipsticks and noticed an instant gap in the Aussie market. 

“The fact it wasn’t available for all phone models or in Australia,” she pointed out. 

Plus, Bieber’s price point was $60, and Ms Jacenko went more affordable with a $24.99 offer, recognising that they instantly enamoured young people. 

“It was a neat thing to create for a girl on the go and at a price point that doesn’t break the bank,” she said. 

Jacenko has been looking for her next venture after closing her PR firm in 2022 and instead focusing on her talent agency. 

She also relocated with her young family to Singapore and, in an Instagram Live, shared that she felt her time in Sydney was “done”.

However, she does like to return to get her hair done because she doesn’t think anyone does blonde hair better than hairdressers in Sydney.