‘Never seen that’: Gross detail in unbelievable snake photo

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People are losing their minds over a “gross” picture of a snake defecating.

Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers shared the unbelievable image on its Facebook page earlier today, with the caption “What goes in, must come out”.

The image shows a massive python relieving itself on top of a resident’s roof, with many shocked by the sheer size of the snake’s waste.

“This photo was sent in from a follower who caught this Coastal Carpet Python mid toilet break,” they added.

Speaking to news.com.au, a spokesperson for Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers said that while it looked quite shocking, this was nothing unusual for a reptile of that size.

“Carpet pythons will usually eat one big meal, such as a possum,” they explained.

“This will last them a while as they slowly digest it. So no doubt that this defecation would have come after about a week or so.

“I’ve seen large snakes poo enough to fill an entire bucket. It’s incredible really.

“Smaller snakes, like tiger snakes, eat smaller prey like frogs. So they will relieve themselves more regularly and with smaller stools.

“Some have said that it appears that the snake is eating the poo, but it is absolutely not.”

The snap has racked up over 1,600 ‘likes’ and hundreds of shares and comments on Facebook.

While many were disgusted at seeing the image, others were simply stunned that a snake could defecate that much.

“Bet that made his eyes water,” one said.

“Hope he wasn’t in too much pain! Looks huge.”

“It honestly looks human,” another added.

“This can’t be real.”

“I am not sure whether to be fascinated or grossed out,” one person said.

“Bombs away!”

Back in March, the same snake catching company shared an image of another huge python with an incredibly full belly, with the snap sparking a fierce debate about the contents of the snake’s mystery meal.

Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers shared the post to Facebook after a local sent in the photo of a python lounging in his garage post-snack.

“What did this snake eat?! Wowzas!,” the post read.

“Thanks to one of our followers, Paul, for sending this awesome photo in of a python with a belly full of food. They believe it was a large possum that the snake had eaten.

“The snake was quite happy laying up for the next few days digesting its big meal. It’s that time of year when snakes are looking for a big feed!”

The company said pythons like the snake pictured were out and about during the warm summer months.