Neighbours fans horrified by show’s ‘disgusting’ new storyline

If you haven’t been keeping up with Neighbours since the briefly-defunct Aussie soap was rebooted last year, brace yourself. It’s getting weird.

A storyline currently playing out on the show concerns longtime Ramsay Street resident Karl Kennedy (Alan Fletcher) encountering a persistent problem while practising his newfound love of cycling.

As depicted rather graphically on screen, Karl appears to have trouble controlling his bowels while out cycling and has to repeatedly relieve himself … all over Erinsborough.

In a storyline that appears to be inspired by the real-life “poo jogger” case that gripped Australia in 2018 (a simpler time), Karl’s cycling emissions cause a stir throughout the neighbourhood, with angry residents demanding to find out who’s behind their brown lawn presents.

Scott and Charlene’s wedding, it is not – and the bizarre storyline doesn’t appear too popular with the show’s diehard fans, who voiced their disgust as the official Neighbours account tweeted a clip of Karl preparing another drop-off today.

“This is one of the very worst storylines Neighbours has ever run. Just disgusting,” one hardcore fan responded.

“This was funny the first time, but just gross now,” another complained (which begs the question – just how many on-screen pooing sprees has Fletcher been forced to film? Should someone call the MEAA?)

Others agreed:

“I think the writers are running out of steam with their storylines.”

“Not entertaining or funny anytime … even worse when you’re eating.”

“Sorry but this was foul.”

“This is disgusting and completely lowers the tone!”

Perhaps, but as of today, these are Emmy-nominated poo jokes. That’s right, Neighbours has just been nominated for its first Daytime Emmy award, for Outstanding Daytime Drama Series – eligible now that it airs on international streamer Amazon.

It’s up against US heavy hitters Days of Our Lives, General Hospital, The Bold and the Beautiful, The Young and the Restless and The Bay.

The awards are scheduled to take place on Friday, June 7 … let’s hope there are plenty of toilets if Dr Karl’s in attendance.