Mum makes horrifying discovery in pram

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A mother thought she’d set out to have a fun day with her young family but was quickly terrified after discovering an Apple Airtag on her pram.

Diamond Williams only found the device a couple of hours into her day trip.

She’d brought her children to Fort Worth Zoo, in the US, in the hopes of spending some quality time with her children, The Sun reported.

As she pushed her pram along, the American mum heard something fall and clatter to the ground. She picked it up and found it was an Apple Airtag.

Even more bizarre was the fact it had “JAX” written on it — a shortened version of her nine-year-old son Jaxton’s name.

Naturally, the TikTok star assumed that someone in her family had gotten it because of the engraving.

After Diamond called her husband and extended family to check, no one claimed to have bought the AirTag for her son Jaxton.

She even questioned whether her son’s items could have been mixed up with someone else’s stuff who had the same initials.

Trying to brush off the moment, the mum continued the trip but still felt anxious about what had happened when she got home.

Having asked a neighbour, who was also a police officer, she went straight to authorities to report the incident.

Recalling the moment in a now-viral video, she explained: “I realised that this is not something that anybody that he knows gave to him or me. This is something that was put on our things.”

The influencer was later to give a statement over the phone about what had happened with the police saying the same thing – it was too coincidental to be a coincidence.

Following the call, the police told her to wipe the Airtag before disposing of it.

Since the incident last year, Diamond has seen videos of others claiming that this had also happened to them.

Worryingly, some even claimed that Airtags were being used to stalk people and it was becoming more common.

The mum then urged her followers to be careful, saying: “Trust your intuition. If you find an air tag on you, don’t assume that you bought it and forgot, because no one does that.

“If you find an air tag on you and you didn’t know about it, odds are someone else put it there.”

Diamond even confessed that felt ‘lucky’ because nothing had happened to her and her young family, but told others to alert the authorities if they found one.

While this is unlikely to happen, it is an important reminder to remain cautious when you are with your family.

This story originally appeared on The Sun and reproduced with permission