announces skin system, new bosses, mount system and more in its 2nd KPI

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The highly awaited monster-hunting action RPG from Supercell has yet another announcement regarding the features hitting the game. In their 2nd KPI (Key Portal Insights) update and Q&A session, the team acknowledges that this month’s KPI doesn’t carry the same weight as the initial one, but we have some interesting features to come such as a skin system, new bosses, mount system and more, so let me give you an overview of everything you need to know. to bring a plethora of new features, 2nd KPI reveals

Skin System

The skin system to come is justly rich and adds exciting features for players to begin exploring. All these fall under many collections in tiers ranging from basic to premiums, created with special events in mind. It consists of various themes, ranging from dragons to streetwear, cyberpunk, mecha, and beyond, meaning the players will feel the desired number of images the game promises them. Supercell cover, beta first impressions
Image via Supercell

Completing a full collection unlocks collector bonuses, adding another layer of motivation and reward to the customization process. And with so many opportunities for acquiring these skins, grinding, PvP battles, playing game modes, conquering dungeons, or opting for paid cosmetics, I see that the skin system promises to work even more into the enjoyment as players get tons of personalization options to mould their characters and get really into the game world.

Bosses, Monsters, and Mounts

The team has been sharing sneak peeks of upcoming content on their social media platforms. They’ve unveiled glimpses of new Bosses, Monsters, and NPCs (Noble Portal Companions), giving players a taste of what’s to come. Some of them monsters resemble Pokemon for me, while some look hideous to tackle.

The same goes for the Bosses, the character designs are pretty fun to look at, and from what I have seen, there is plenty of game content we can enjoy.

If you are a fan of companions for your rides, I have some good news to share. They have also unveiled a sneak peek of the new mounts that players will soon be able to ride in the Parallel Worlds. mounts
Image via Supercell

Modules badges
Image via Supercell

The team wants to announce a minor tweak: Passive Gadgets have been renamed Modules, on a unified design with a sleek new look. This update seeks to smooth the terminology and better the aesthetic unity of these in-game features. Q&A delves into the game’s beta, development process, and features

Concluding their 2nd KPI was answering some queries the fans had posted. The team received many questions, talking about a range of topics from their production process to the game’s features, revenues, and social elements.

About releasing the game, the team stated its commitment to improving the game before launching a beta or the worldwide version to feel confident to give players a good first impression and achieve sustained player engagement. The team noted that development should not be burdened with running a live environment, especially since their focus is on development.

Image via Supercell

They promise regular content updates to keep the players engaged, for the sale of the game and players in the upper levels, with the inclusion of both new content and updates. New weapons, mounts, customization options, along with the chance of obtaining a battle pass for monetization, are some of the things players can expect. They also consider social features, like groups, as well as user-generated content, for potential inclusion in future updates.

The team is developing lore elements for the enhancement of the game’s narrative without a full-fledged story mode, though there’s no exact plan. They also share the possibility of a PC version and the availability of controller support, though these may come much later.

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