Melbourne man’s voice note ahead of first date an ‘ick’

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A British woman has been left less than impressed with the dating scene in Australia after one man’s snarky message.

Thassy, who moved from the UK to Melbourne, shared on TikTok a conversation she had with a man as the pair were planning their first date, which included the offending voice note.

“So you let me know where do you want to go, what you want to do. I’m all ears,” the man began the message before it took a turn.

“You’re probably going to say (inaudible) hotel or Soho or some boring a** sh*t but yeah, we’ll just do it. Doesn’t matter. Just overpriced wine, overpriced alcohol.

“Why not, beautiful, let’s do it.”

Thassy was quick to call out the man and quickly cancelled the plans, telling him his “attitude stinks”.

Man's bizarre voice note ahead of first date

“I don’t need them vibes on a Saturday night,” she told him. He quickly claimed he agreed and the pair’s conversation ended.

But Thassy was left questioning if the exchange was an example of what all men were like in Australia when it came to dating, and the comment section didn’t give her a lot of hope.

Thassy also added that British men were saints in comparison to the behaviour she experienced from this man who, despite asking her on a date, seemed to hate the idea of actually putting in any effort to make it an enjoyable experience.

“It’s giving private school w**ker,” one social media user commented.

Another said: “So many Aussie girls are just dating foreigners now. Aussie boys are walking icks.”

“Acting like his time is so precious,” another said.

One promised that not all Australian men were like this, adding he had been on a handful of dates recently and always suggested beach bars.

“What a gronk. At least you didn’t have to find out on the date,” one said.

Another added: “Feels. My date bailed 30 minutes before our date last night. I literally took myself out to dinner and I have zero regrets!!!