Married At First Sight bride Lauren issues heartfelt plea following ‘betrayal’

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Married At First Sight bride Lauren Dunn has made a surprise plea to fans in the wake of the ‘cheating’ scandal that unfolded between her onscreen husband Jonathan McCullough and fellow bride Ellie Dix on the show.

In the explosive final week of the Nine reality program, Lauren was left fuming after she discovered her husband on the social experiment had been texting the registered nurse from Queensland, despite Ellie having already left the show.

The trio then came face-to-face in the heated reunion when Jono and Ellie boldly made their couple debut, hand-in-hand in front of Lauren and their shocked fellow participants.

The new couple’s smug appearance equally irritated viewers, and saw them bombarded with hate messages and trolling on social media, prompting Lauren to step in with a surprising message.

“To everyone trolling and attacking Ellie at her workplace, please stop immediately,” Lauren wrote in a note shared on Instagram Stories.

“What you see on TV is only a small portion of what goes on. Regardless of what you saw on TV (filmed 6 months ago) I have no problems with Jono and Ellie and neither of them deserve to be harassed or bullied. Please can everyone let them be happy and let’s all move on x.”

Jono himself has also opened up about the online grilling he and Ellie have received, but he says it’s all been worth it.

“Because I’ve been made to look so bad on TV, it’s bad for me [on social media at the moment,” the health business owner told New Ideamagazine this week.

“My friends and family keep saying, ‘You must regret going on the show.’ But I don’t because I met Ellie.

“For a show about relationships though, I would have thought that seeing two people end up happy, would make the viewers happy, but obviously not.”