Man’s sweet plane proposal moment goes viral

A smitten plane passenger proposed to his girlfriend while on board an Air Peace flight, with the romantic act captured on camera.

A social media user with the handle ‘Confidence’ shared footage of the viral mile-high moment to her TikTok account on Sunday, writing: “POV: My friend was proposed to in a plane.”

Plane passenger proposes to girlfriend mid-flight using PA system

It’s unclear where the plane was travelling, but Air Peace is a Nigerian carrier that operates flights to destinations in West Africa and the Middle East, the New York Post reports.

The minute-long video shows a man getting out of his seat to use the aircraft’s PA system on board the packed plane to ask for his girlfriend’s hand in marriage.

“She’s so precious and her name is Precious,” the man says of his ladylove, who is sitting somewhere on the aircraft.

The proposer then pops the question, saying: “Please, my Precious, I want to ask, will you marry me?”

“If you will, just come out and say ‘yes’ to me, my precious,” the loved-up man adds before walking down the aisle of the aircraft to meet up with her.

Fellow fliers were left swooning over the proposal, with several heard whistling and cheering, while others whipped out their phones to film.

In a second video, the man is seen greeting Precious, then getting down on a bent knee to offer her a ring.

Precious appears overjoyed by the public proposal, hugging her new fiance after he slips the engagement ring onto her finger.

Like the plane passengers, TikTok viewers were also enchanted by the man’s romantic actions, leaving congratulatory comments for the lovebirds.

“This is beautiful,” one cooed.

“Love is so sweet for real,” a second swooned.

This article originally appeared on the New York Post and was reproduced with permission