Madinah governor launches 14 projects to support orphans

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Riyadh: The Saudi cultural attache’s office in the US brought the spirit of Ramadan to life with a vibrant Ramadan Bazaar event at their headquarters in Washington, DC.

The popular bazaar drew crowds of Saudi clubs, families, students, and local community members for an authentic taste of the holy month’s traditions, the Saudi Press Agency reported.

Recreating the lively atmosphere of Ramadan markets back home, the venue was abuzz with stalls selling traditional Saudi clothing, accessories, textiles, household goods, and delicious foods.

Children were kept entertained at dedicated play areas, while Saudi student clubs showcased their creative Ramadan-themed projects.

The scents of traditional Saudi dishes filled the air as a lavish iftar banquet was served, complete with sweet delicacies and refreshing beverages.

“Hosting events like this introduces the American community to our rich Ramadan culture,” said Dr. Abdulaziz Al-Turki, who heads the cultural and social affairs department.

“It is a crucial way to foster cooperation and social cohesion among Saudi students, thereby easing feelings of estrangement and fostering integration, especially during the sacred month.”

Al-Turki also lauded the pivotal role played by student clubs and volunteers in organizing the event. 

Attendees were transported through Saudi Arabia’s history during a tour of the King Abdullah Hall, where they learned about the Kingdom’s efforts in serving the Two Holy Mosques. Interactive cultural competitions added to the convivial family atmosphere.

For many, the bazaar was a welcome taste of home during the holy month.

“This Ramadan event really captures the spirit of love and cooperation, helping ease that sense of homesickness,” said Ph.D. researcher Mohammad Al-Ghanmi, praising the attache’s efforts.

Youssef Al-Dail, another attendee, described joyful scenes reminiscent of an extended family gathering.

“It is a wonderful social and cultural initiative that brought our community together,” he said.

Student Siham Al-Abdullah was equally effusive, marveling at the “outstanding” exhibits, competitions and engagement in the “unique, family-friendly environment.”