Maddie Aldridge, 15, the eldest daughter of Jamie Lynn Spears, looks so grown-up in new photos

Maddie Aldridge, 15, the eldest daughter of Jamie Lynn Spears, looks so grown-up in new photos

Jamie Lynn posted a series of photos on Instagram to her two million followers, including one of Maddie in a pink dress towering over her mum alongside her prom date.

The teenager looked gorgeous in a gown. She resembled her mum with her blonde hair and flawless complexion.

“Many more pics to share after I catch my breath, and wrap my head around how fast they grow up on us,” Spears wrote.

Maddie is from a musical dynasty, but so far, she’s just living a normal teen life and attending high school.

Her mother, Jamie Lynn, is the younger sister of pop icon Britney Spears, but has also forged her own career.

She started as a child star on Nickelodeon’s hits All That and Zoey 101 and later as a country singer. Now, she’s in the popular Netflix series Sweet Magnolia.

She had Maddie aged of 17 in 2008. Spears was engaged to her 19-year-old fiance Casey Aldridge at the time, but their relationship fizzled in 2010.

Her pregnancy was considered a scandal because she was starring on a kid’s television show and was only a teenager herself.

After the birth of Maddie, Jamie Lynn took a step back from the limelight to focus on raising her daughter in Mississippi. However, she’s since returned to the spotlight.

Last year, she was a contestant on the UK’s version of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here, which was filmed in Australia. She’s candidly opened up about falling pregnant as a teenager.

She said that when she fell pregnant, she thought she was with the love of her life, her boyfriend Aldridge. She decided to keep the baby, but the response to her decision was harsh.

“The whole world was like, ‘You’re a s**t. You’re horrible. Your life’s over.’”

In the jungle, French reality television star Fred Sirieix asked Jamie Lynn how her parents took the news, and Jamie Lynn said it was a “hard” time because there was so much going on.

“It’s also like your baby is having a baby,” she mused.

Jamie Lynn teamed up as she discussed how painful the reaction was to her pregnancy.

“When I first got pregnant, they didn’t want me to have the baby,” she confessed.

Sirieix jumped in and said that Jamie Lynn had done an “amazing” thing,

“You have so much strength of character to do what you did,” he pointed out.