Love Island star Arabella Chi dragged from car in terrifying carjacking

A reality television star was dragged screaming from her car by two men in a horrifying roadside robbery after they used a high tech gadget to unlock her luxury vehicle.

Arabella Chi, who appeared on the UK version of Love Island and is dating Manchester City football player Ruben Dias, was travelling from Ibiza to the UK on Thursday when she was attacked.

She had arrived by ferry in Barcelona when she realised her back tires were flat.

Her father, who was travelling with her, went to get help while she stayed in the locked car.

Arabella heard the doors unlock and the criminals pounced.

“Arabella heard the doors unlock before being dragged out. She was absolutely terrified — but she screamed and fought back,” a source told The Sun.

“She had no idea what these men wanted and feared the worst. They raided the car for everything they could.”

The robbers made off with Arabella’s luxury handbag, her purse and passports.

Her friends told how she was travelling back from Ibiza with dad Paul when the ordeal began.

“Arabella returns to the UK from her home in Ibiza every winter and, because she has her dog Astro, she drives back in her car. Her dad joined her for the trip,” they said.

“Shortly after driving off the ferry, she had car issues with the two back wheels. Her dad realised both tyres had been slashed.

“With only one spare, they decided Arabella would stay with the car as it was packed full of suitcases and her dad should get an Uber to go and get help.

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“When he left the vehicle, she locked herself inside and waited. But once the men saw she was alone, they ran to the vehicle and attacked her.”

TV star Arabella reportedly pleaded with the men to let her keep her phone and, because she was causing a racket, it worked.

The pair ran off and she shut herself back inside and called her dad, who returned with cops.

Spanish police told the TV star British cars are being targeted and her experience was becoming more commonplace.

“Arabella is so shaken, but pleased to be back home. It was a hugely traumatic experience for both her and Paul, who is reeling,” the source continued.

“They have been told cars with British number plates are robbed for passports, which are worth huge amounts of money to criminals.”

Friends said Arabella is recuperating at home, supported by her friends and Portuguese defender Ruben, 26.

This article originally appeared in The Sun and has been republished here with permission.