Lenny Kravitz lifts weights in leather pants and sheer tank top

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If there is anyone who could get away with working out in leather pants, it is Lenny Kravitz.

The 59-year-old music legend posted a short clip of himself lifting heavy weights at a fitness centre with the help of a trainer.

While his impressive reps might make him blend in at the gym, his extremely Kravitz-esque outfit ensures he stands out from the crowd, even while training.

The American Woman singer remained very on brand during his workout, donning long leather pants, a see-through mesh singlet, black combat boots and of course, a pair of dark sunglasses.

“Thank God for today! Grateful. Never been better,” he captioned the video. “There are no shortcuts so seize your day. It is all possible. Love!”

The post was flooded with comments from some of his famous friends and thousands of fans who could not believe what they were seeing.

Rock star stuns in wild gym outfit

While some focused on the difficulty of working out in the seemingly restrictive outfit, others applauded Kravitz for being himself and continuing to be stylish, even at the gym.

“Man! Boots and leather pants while working out is crazy! Always on brand!” one fan wrote.

“Leather pants, mesh top and sunglasses in the gym. Lenny is the man!”

“This workout outfit is hard af,” Willow Smith chimed in, as model Winnie Harlow added, “Leather at the gym huh. That’s one way to buss a sweat.”

“Damn bro I need better gym fits‍” rapper Wiz Khalifa joked.

“My man never breaks character,” another fan wrote.

“Full time rockstar!”

Last month, Kravitz told USA Today that he works out “five or six days a week” and takes his training sessions “very seriously.”

“I try to get as much rest as possible, but that is my weakness,” he said, explaining that his grandfather taught him the importance of daily movement and good eating habits.

“I had a grandfather who always looked 25 years younger than he was, and he did the same thing,” he revealed.

“I was not into this as a young adult and he used to wake me up to do chores, but he wanted me to work out with him.

“He used to get on his bike in his late 80s and ride for five hours. Five hours!

“When he was 9 he became the head of his household to provide for his mother, who was bedridden, and his four brothers and sisters in the Bahamas, where there was no electricity.

“He learned to roller-skate at 80 because he didn’t get to have his childhood. This is the kind of guy he was.”

Although the longtime vegan did not reveal why he prefers wearing combat boots on the gym floor instead of sneakers, his method seems to be working.

“If you asked me ‘When were you in the best shape of your life?’ it’s today, right now,” he stated.

“Mentally, physically and spiritually, I’ve never been better.”

With the musician turning 60 next month and looking better than ever, he added that he thought age was just a number.

“We have this thing about age, like we have about race or religion, and these stereotypical ideas about at this point in life you should be doing this or that, and it’s not that way.

“You can be 30 and you can be destroyed and you can be 80 and you can be young and vibrant.”

Kravitz has been making headlines recently, with the musician finally becoming immortalised on the Hollywood Walk of Fame last month.

He also recently released a brand new single entitled Human, before his new album Blue Electric Light drops on May 24.

It has been six years since his last album, Raise Vibration, was released.