Lauren Phillips disses radio rival Jackie O Henderson live on-air


The gloves are well and truly off – or on – between Lauren Phillips and Jackie “O” Henderson.

This morning on the Nova 100’s Jase & Laurenshow, Phillips, co-host Jason Hawkins and presenter Clint Stanaway were discussing celebrity boxing matches when their radio rival Henderson was brought up.

“Who do you think could win a fight between Lauren Phillips and Jackie O?” Hawkins asked, to which Phillips replied, “Me every day of the week!”

“Boxing? Oh, I would. Have you seen the size of me compared to the size of her? I could eat her for breakfast! She’d be a featherweight and I would not be… is a featherweight the light weight one?”

Lauren Phillips believes she can take on radio rival Jackie O in a boxing fight

Stanaway then asked if she could also take on Fifi Box, to which Phillips said she “looks pretty fit”.

“She looks fit. You’d have to, you know, chase around the ring. But if you’ve got your hands on her, you reckon?” Hawkins asked.

Phillips replied with an enthusiastic, “Yeah!”

There has been tension between Phillips and Hawkins and Henderson and her co-host Kyle Sandilands since last November, when the Melbourne-based pair found themselves collateral damage in the $200 million contract offered to popular Sydney duo.

In the monster deal, Henderson and Sandilands’ KIIS FM show would expand into Melbourne for the first time, at the cost of Hawkins and Phillips’ own breakfast show.

“Last night, we all received a phone call from management … Mine was during ‘black hawk down hour’ when all the kids are cracking it trying to get to sleep,” Hawkins said back in November, one day after their axing was made public.

“[Management were] informing us that the show will be finishing up at the end of this year. We’ll be finishing up at the end of 2023. Kyle and Jackie O will be taking over in 2024.”

Phillips added that “this is certainly not the way we wanted to bow out” but they “didn’t have a choice” on the “business decision”.

However, three months after they were unexpectedly forced off air, the pair were thrown a lifeline by Nova and announced as the hosts of Nova 100’s new breakfast show, Jase & Lauren, in Melbourne.

“I’m rapt to have a job again,” Hawkins said after their new gig was revealed. “I’m even more over the moon that we get to join Nova. My whole career, I have always wanted to be a part of this network, it’s the perfect fit for Loz and I.”

“So, I’m sorry Nova, we’re never leaving. Melbourne, we’re back! So join us and come over to Nova.”