Label exec’s brutal response to aspiring singer

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An Aussie singer has shared the “brutal” rejection she received from a music label, who told her she offered “nothing special”.

Perth local Kaia Kingsley shared footage of a recent interview she had over video with an unnamed music label on TikTok.

“I don’t usually post stuff like this, but I wanted to reflect and share this interview,” she captioned the clip posted to TikTok on Thursday.

In the video, Ms Kingsley appeared nervous as she began singing ‘Killing Me Softly With His Song’ for the label executive watching on her laptop.

However, she didn’t get too far into the song before she was interrupted.

“Sorry,” the woman’s voice from the laptop interjected.

“Sorry if you could just, ah, maybe sing a different song? … One that shows off your vocal range,” the woman suggested.

Label exec’s brutal response to aspiring singer

Thrown off, Ms Kingsley revealed her mind momentarily “went blank” before she launched into ‘A Change Is Gonna Come’ by Sam Cooke.

However, she once again only got a few bars into the song before the executive interrupted.

“Thank you, I think we’ve heard enough for that one,” she said, before delivering the brutal rejection.

“Look I have to be completely honest with you, at the moment the market is completely oversaturated with a lot of singers just like you.”

The woman suggested Ms Kingsley “work on her look” and create a more “unique” sound.

“At the moment there’s really nothing special there for us to grab hold of but we do thank you for your time.”

“We need wrap up now though.”

Hurt by the response, Ms Kingsley replied: “Well I really appreciate it and thank you very much for your time”.

Others online were quick to come to the singer’s defence and slam the music label for their ‘disgusting’ response.

“Can only imagine how you feel – definitely feels like a dagger just watching this,” one person commented.

“Wow. Brutal! Your voice is beautiful,” said another.

“Girl you’re amazing! Your voice gave me chillsssss,” another wrote.

“Please don’t let that bring you down. Any music label would be lucky to have you, your voice is amazing! That robot woman treated you disgustingly, I’m so sorry. Bigger and better things to come,” another commented.

“You are so talented and beautiful! I got goosebumps immediately. That record label is seriously missing out,” another added.

However another suggested the music label’s comments were “fair”.

“It’s true- there is a lotttt of this sound at the moment. What differentiates you?” one person wrote.

“You sound amazing! I get what they mean about the market being oversaturated though,” another said.

“They’ve probably heard other people sing those songs a thousand times before. Maybe?” another person commented.

Ms Kingsley said the experience was a reminder “that setbacks are part of the journey”.

“It’s all about perspective; each rejection is just another step closer to where I’m meant to be,” she wrote in the post.

“Never stop chasing your dreams.”

Kingsley is represented by ACTS Agency and has built up a large follower base on TikTok.

The 26-year-old, who works part time as a relief teacher, sang the national anthem in front of thousands at Optus Stadium for the WAFL final in 2023.